Best Practices for Marketers to Capitalize on Voice Search

Voice Searches contribute heavily to the total number of searches conducted. Any smart marketing strategy will make sure to have their product as voice search-friendly as possible!

Here are a few basic steps you can take to optimize your voice search results.

  1. First, ensure to optimize for local searches. Social Media Today reports 46% of all searches are for local information, and the study conducted by Cidewalk Voice Search is three times more likely to be used for local searches. Locals present a large and engaged market, and ensuring your product is accessible to them is crucial! This strategy is important for businesses that rely on the locals for revenue. 
  2. Use a conversational tone and be concise. You can push keywords after keywords into your content, but they can only help up to a point. Especially with voice searches! After all, speech versus text is quite different. So, effective voice search optimization will be using short sentences and more casual language.
  3. Schema markup is your friend. Also known as structured data, schema markup refers to a methodology for organizing your website for the best metadata. This method helps to make it easier for Voice Searches to find answers on your website.
  4. Create a Google My Business listing! In doing so, you will make sure that Google has the most accurate information about your business and that your business shows up on searches.
  5. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly. Most Voice Searches happen through mobile. You might do everything there is to show up high on the search results. But if your website is unusable on mobile, people are just going to exit quickly, which will ultimately hurt your rankings. A short amount of time spent on your website will tell the search engine that your website is no good. And down you go in the rankings.
  6. Have sections with Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). Questions tend to be the most common voice search. So, if there are readily available answers for the audience to peruse, it will give you a boost in rankings and engagement.

Now that you know of a few ways to change your product to be better with Voice Search results, we should discuss a few martech tools that can help you further.

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A Few of the Top Providers for Voice Search Optimization


WebFX employs the best award-winning marketing strategists, a leader in the market specializing specifically in voice search optimization.

Features Offered:

  • Analysis of the search engine result page.
  • Research into optimal keywords.
  • Creating content for your website up to 400 words.
  • Implementing the Schema Markup appropriately.
  • Optimizing your metadata, images, headings, etcetera.
  • Testing the effectiveness of the featured snippets.
  • Using the Flesch-Kincaid scale to test the readability of content. Ensuring a score of 8.0+.
  • WebFX provides you with a dedicated project manager.


A global marketing agency, Aumcore provides various marketing solutions for everyone. Voice Search Optimization is only one of the many services they offer.

Features Offered:

  • Planning and strategizing for voice search optimization. 
  • Research and analysis of optimal keywords.
  • Audit for brand & non-brand voice queries.
  • Optimizing the mobile website and mobile speed, 
  • Implementing the Schema Markup appropriately.
  • Developing content geared to Voice Search.
  • Optimizing for local voice searches.
  • Optimizing for content for performance and knowledge graphs.

Zero Gravity Marketing

Zero Gravity Marketing aims to identify the best actionable plans based on the assessment of the competition in SERPs. They promise to tailor-make the best strategy for boosting your rankings in Voice Searches.

Features offered:

  • Research and analysis of optimal keywords.
  • Creating content to best work with the rest of your business and Voice Search rankings.
  • Modify and analyze existing content to be optimal for voice searches and attract relevant traffic.
  • Testing the effectiveness of the featured snippets.
  • Creating customized voice search results unique to your brand.
  • Optimizing for various devices and platforms. Including Google Home, Google Mini, Google Max, Amazon’s Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot, Echo Show, Echo Look, Windows Cortana, Android, and all iOS devices using Siri.

Voice Search Optimization is a crucial part of ensuring effective online marketing. As voice-related tech becomes more sophisticated, voice searches will become more common. Already a large part of all searches is voice-based. So, what are you waiting for? Take the right step to grow your business!

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