Alcatraz AI Partners with BrainBox AI to offer the Alcatraz Rock Facial Authentication Solution to its Office

Bringing enterprise-grade identity verification to BrainBox AI

Alcatraz AI announced today that they are bringing the Alcatraz AI Rock to BrainBox AI’s offices. BrainBox AI is at the forefront of building automation and a leader in the green building revolution. As BrainBox AI’s office recently re-opened with limited capacity, the company is taking proactive steps through Alcatraz AI’s robust identity and facemask verification to keep employees safe.

As one survey showed, two-thirds of employees have safety concerns regarding the return of onsite operations. Considering these statistics, health and safety must be top priorities for businesses as they re-open. BrainBox AI is keeping its employees’ safety top of mind by installing Alcatraz AI’s Rock before they return to provide safety and security.

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Alcatraz AI’s facial authentication solution combines advanced AI and 3D sensing technologies that provides facilities with enterprise-grade identity verification needed to create secure spaces. Its state-of-the-art security features include touchless access, multi-factor authentication, video at the door and intelligent tailgating detection. Alcatraz AI’s access control solution, the Rock, effectively detects tailgating and sends “real-time alerts” if an unauthorized person enters and sends real-time notifications to ACS/VMS.

“BrainBox AI is leading the green building revolution, and we are looking forward to bringing frictionless, multi-sensor technology and a touchless authentication feature to the office,” said Tina D’ Agostin, CEO of Alcatraz AI. “By utilizing the Alcatraz AI Rock, we’ve helped BrainBox AI’s offices re-open smoothly and safely.”

“BrainBox AI is excited to announce its partnership with Alcatraz AI. Our employees’ safety is always our top priority. We are confident The Rock’s touchless authentication and the frictionless security system will give each BrainBox AI employee peace of mind when returning to the office,” said Jean-Simon Venne, co-founder and CTO of BrainBox AI.

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