Cerebri AI Partners with Microsoft on Prescriptive Customer Analytics for Fortune 500

M12-Backed Enterprise Software Startup Earns Coveted “Co-Sell Ready” Status Accelerating Joint Go-To-Market Activities Globally

Cerebri AI, an enterprise software startup using proprietary artificial intelligence technology to generate next best actions that increase revenue and reduce operating costs, announced the company has achieved “co-sell ready” status with Microsoft’s exclusive One Commercial Partner (OCP) program.

“Earning co-sell ready status with Microsoft is a tremendous opportunity for Cerebri AI as our Concurrent Advanced Reinforcement Learning software is a perfect pairing with Azure,” said Jean Belanger, Cerebri AI Co-founder & CEO. “We look forward to collaborating closely with the OCP team globally to bring even more value to their Fortune 500 accounts.”

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As a key element of Microsoft’s go-to-market strategy, partnering with a select group of independent software vendors (ISVs) to accelerate Azure adoption has proven extremely effective. In their most recent fiscal quarter Microsoft’s commercial cloud revenue increased 48 percent year-over-year to $9 billion. Their industry-leading IP co-sell program which rewards 40,000 Microsoft sellers for selling third-party solutions is a “runaway success” according to Gavriella Schuster, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, One Commercial Partner. The co-sell program Cerebri AI is joining generated $8 billion in contracted revenue since its launch in July 2017. According to Schuster, “Our partners are reaping the benefits and seeing co-sell deals close nearly three times faster, projects that are nearly six times larger, and drive six times more Azure consumption.”

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Traditional top-down approaches to sales, marketing and brand management stop short of considering each individual customer’s unique journey. Using cloud computing, Cerebri AI applies advanced machine-learning models to massive customer data sets and builds from the bottom up, with one customer journey measuring commitment to the brand, in real time, across channels, and at scale. Given a specific KPI, the Cerebri AI software predicts which customers are most likely to act to meet that KPI and when; and what action must be taken now based on their current commitment to the brand and their overall customer journey. Cerebri AI runs on Microsoft Azure on a SaaS basis behind corporate firewalls, ensuring maximum security and quality for both the data inputs and the next best actions generated by the machine-learning models.

Companies that license the Cerebri AI software acquire a powerful automated tool for dynamically monitoring not only brand value, but also identifying next best actions that accelerate growth while simultaneously reducing costs. A UK-based nationwide automotive retailer recently achieved 7x their baseline conversion to sales results using a Cerebri AI email campaign, which had the additional benefit of reducing the total number of emails sent by 90% — an increasingly important consideration in the GDPR era.

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