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Cision Enhances Support For Global Communications Cloud

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New Cision Communications Cloud Features Via Machine Learning Include Improved Sentiment And Enhanced Localization

Cision Ltd, a leading global provider of earned media software for marketing communication professionals and public relations services. The software at Cision’s allows users to identify the right influencers, craft and distribute meaningful stories and measure impacting insights.

Cision announced improvements in the Cision Communication Cloud user interface. The latest improvements include identification of influencers across regions, crafts and localized campaigns. Machine Learning enhancements deliver detailed insights on message sentiment to communicators. The enhancements allow for attribution of value across pertinent media channels.

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CisionThe Cision Communications Cloud delivers a comprehensive and conclusive platform for communication teams to manage the entire campaign workflow. With these recent additions to the platform, organizations shall work more effectively with local teams and improve influencer targeting through the following:

  • Influencer Outreach and Localized User Interface: The user interface is already multilingual, supporting English, French, Dutch and German languages – but the new enhancements to the Cision Comm Cloud will enable the UI to be fully localized and translated for any market. Communication professionals can also filter Cision Database searches by region and language to conveniently identify the contacts for influencer outreach.
  • Wise Tone for More Effective Campaigns: Cision’s machine learning engine can now deliver auto-sentiment capabilities that are smarter from the previous. It provides specific insights on how messages are absorbed in different markets. These enhancements result in smarter toning and advanced improvements for words associated with more than one interpretation. Communicators can now seek coverage with the tone so as to smoothly identify positive, neutral or negative coverage so as to help guide campaign strategies.

Kevin Akeroyd, CEO, Cision said, “To effectively communicate a message, communications professionals must be able to identify and reach their targeted audiences, whether that’s locally, internationally, or both. The latest enhancements to the Cision Communications Cloud enable comms teams spread across multiple regions to take a more integrated approach to their work by utilizing a single platform.”

Cision’s latest achievements help communicators efficiently scale the margin for earned media efforts, leveraging audience sentiments and implementing active influencer outreach. The software allows maximum optimization of campaigns knowing that it shall reach target specified audiences.

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