CognitiveScale Announces Availability of Cortex Certifai on Red Hat Marketplace

CognitiveScale has announced that Cortex Certifai is now available through Red Hat Marketplace. Red Hat Marketplace is an open cloud marketplace for enterprise customers to discover, try, purchase, deploy, and manage certified container-based software across environments—public and private, cloud, and on-premises. Through the marketplace, customers can take advantage of responsive support, streamlined billing and contracting, simplified governance, and single-dashboard visibility across clouds.

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CognitiveScale works with enterprises to accelerate their digital business transformations with intelligent, trusted, responsible and transparent AI. Its award-winning Cortex software helps organizations leverage their data to transform customer engagement and lifetime value, boost employee expertise, and operational productivity while helping protect organizations from AI business risks. Cortex helps our customers seamlessly combine AI with human judgment and experience to:

  1. Deliver proactive, predictive, and hyper-personalized products and services through a seamless omnichannel online experience.
  2. Significantly reduce costs by accelerating intelligent automation that provides critical, contextual input to complex, high-cost back-office processes and tasks.
  3. Mitigate financial, regulatory, and reputational risks from biased and unjust automated decisioning systems.
  4. Scale quickly through a low-code platform to acquire and operationalize the skills and data needed to put AI at the core of the business and operating models.

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“CognitiveScale is focused on delivering trusted AI so that the technology and the practical outcomes it creates help innovate and grow wider-scale AI utilization and associated customer benefits,” said Matt Sanchez, CTO of CognitiveScale. “We are looking forward to greater awareness and availability of Certifai via Red Hat Marketplace, providing customers the ability to validate how their data models work, and helping them implement trusted and compliant AI solutions.”

Built in collaboration with Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace delivers a hybrid multi-cloud trifecta for organizations moving into the next era of computing: a robust ecosystem of partners, an industry-leading Kubernetes container platform, and award-winning commercial support—all on a highly scalable backend powered by IBM. A private, personalized marketplace is also available through Red Hat Marketplace Select, enabling clients to provide their teams with easier access to curated software their organizations have pre-approved.

Lars Herrmann, senior director of technology partnerships, Red Hat, said, “We believe Red Hat Marketplace is an essential destination to unlock the value of cloud investments. With the marketplace, we are making it as fast and easy as possible for companies to implement the tools and technologies that can help them succeed in this hybrid multicloud world. We’ve simplified the steps to find and purchase tools like CognitiveScale’s Cortex Certifai that are tested, certified, and supported on Red Hat OpenShift, and we’ve removed operational barriers to deploying and managing these technologies on Kubernetes-native infrastructure.”

Sandesh Bhat, IBM General Manager, Open Cloud Technology & Applications, said, “Through Red Hat Marketplace, we’re expanding our ecosystem together with partners like CognitiveScale and helping our customers thrive in a hybrid multicloud world. Container-based environments are the future of enterprise technology, and Red Hat OpenShift is the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise Kubernetes platform. We’re excited to simplify software purchase and adoption for our clients through a curated private Marketplace experience.”

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