Credo AI Launches Inaugural Summit to Amplify Global Responsible AI Movement

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Speakers will include Reid HoffmanMiriam Vogel, Raj Seshadri, Dr. Margaret Mitchell and other industry leaders

Credo AI, the creator of the world’s first Responsible AI (RAI) Governance Platform, announced its inaugural Global RAI Summit, one of the largest virtual gatherings of AI professionals from industry, government, policy and academia coming together to engage in conversations around actionable ways to operationalize AI responsibly. The Summit will take place on Oct. 27 virtually.

The RAI Summit is designed to amplify the Responsible AI movement globally, catalyze practical action and bridge the gap between diverse groups of stakeholders to collectively advance a future society and economy that is positively impacted by Artificial Intelligence.

“AI touches every aspect of our lives, so addressing the existing regulatory and consumer pressures to deploy technology that serves humanity is more important than ever,” said Navrina Singh, Founder and CEO of Credo AI. “With this inaugural RAI Summit, we intend to spark cross-industry discussion and inspire action to address current inequities, bringing forward actionable insights from some of the best and brightest minds in the industry for successfully implementing Responsible AI. To create lasting change, we need to tackle this task as an ecosystem with a shared goal.”

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Summit Agenda

Top AI thought leaders such as LinkedIn’s Executive Chairman Reid Hoffman, Equal AI’s Miriam Vogel, Mastercard’s Raj Seshadri and others will lead discussions around how to operationalize RAI and the governance requirements to make it a reality. Credo AI is committed to advancing the emerging Responsible AI ecosystem, and the RAI Summit’s agenda will help spotlight opportunities, challenges and actions required in the responsible development and use of AI across all industries. A complete list of industry-leading speakers and an agenda can be found at

“Society is in an age of conflict where fundamental values are up for dispute, and we’re seeing this reflected in the advancement of technologies like AI,” said Reid Hoffman, Co-Founder at LinkedIn and Inflection AI, and Partner at Greylock. “AI has the potential to be pro-human in nature, but in order to achieve this outcome, we must collectively align on what ‘good’ looks like as a society, which will only be possible through open, collaborative and ongoing discussion. The discussions we’ll have at the Summit are imperative to drive progress forward.”

RAI Summit Partners  

Partners of the Summit include EqualAI, ForHumanity, Responsible AI Institute, Ethical Intelligence, The Cantellus Group, Montreal AI Ethics Institute and the Center for Digital and AI Policy.

“By introducing a strong group of Summit partners who share in our mission of deploying AI in service of humanity, we’re taking another step toward creating an RAI ecosystem that represents diverse voices and viewpoints in the global RAI movement,” said Singh. “Each year we will strive to expand RAI Summit partnerships to achieve our goal of operationalizing the responsible use of AI across all use cases and industries.”

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