DataRobot Launches Global Partner Program To Power AI-Driven Business Initiatives

Global Partner Program to Introduce Best-Of-Breed Technology and Services to Accelerate Adoption of Automated Machine Learning in the Enterprise

DataRobot, the pioneer in automated machine learning, announced the launch of the DataRobot AI Partner Program, a global initiative to support and enable select partners to accelerate an AI-driven transformation for their customers. This initiative is part of DataRobot’s commitment to building a world-class ecosystem of reseller and consultative partners who offer best-of-breed technologies and world-class support. The AI Partner Program already features leaders such as Cleartelligence, MIP, and Teknion.

AI and machine learning are driving a competitive advantage for industry leaders, but many companies don’t have the expertise or resources to create predictive models that extract business value from their data. DataRobot works closely with companies in its AI Partner Program to make machine learning more accessible to a broader set of users who don’t have a data science background – such as business analysts and executives. These users can utilize DataRobot to quickly develop and deploy machine learning models to make more accurate predictions and uncover hidden insights, all in a matter of minutes or hours, rather than weeks or months.

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Fabrice Ciais

“Automated machine learning allows us to bring greater efficiency and scale to bear as we address the increasingly sophisticated analytical needs of our clients. This is particularly helpful for organizations at the early stage of their analytics journey who have ambitions to scale-up quickly. It really shows its value when a large number of models need to run in parallel (e.g., for model validation), or when speed and precision are key drivers of competitive advantage in the marketplace,” said Fabrice Ciais, Advanced Analytics lead, PwC U.K.

The AI Partner Program is aimed at value-added resellers and global and regional analytics consulting firms who have a strong understanding of data analytics and data science, as well as domain expertise within certain industries such as financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, and government or functional domains such as supply chain, marketing, and finance. Having this underpinning of analytics experience better enables partners to develop advanced machine learning and AI expertise with DataRobot’s help in order to drive value for customers who are just starting with, or struggling to implement, machine learning and AI.

Seann Gardiner

“We created our AI Partner Program to enable top-notch partners in the analytics space to offer DataRobot’s automated machine learning platform, as well as advanced education and professional services. By working with world-class resellers and consultants, we are expanding and accelerating our ability to fulfill our mission of enabling the AI-driven enterprise,” said Seann Gardiner, EVP, Business Development, DataRobot.

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As part of the AI Partner Program, DataRobot partners will have access to resources and content to help them enhance their machine learning capabilities, including:

  • Courses through DataRobot University that will educate partners and their customers on the latest methods in enterprise machine learning and AI, helping attendees identify opportunities to optimize their business using machine learning.
  • DataRobot APIs and SDKs that allow partners to easily integrate the DataRobot automated machine learning platform into their customers’ existing environments and services.
  • Sales, technical training, marketing, and other support benefits from DataRobot’s expert team to improve machine learning capabilities across their business and build a high-growth, profitable service offering.

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Jeremy Achin

“Implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies across their business is still a challenge for many of today’s organizations that rely on traditional modeling methods. DataRobot’s AI Partner Program is unrivaled in the fact that partners will get access to industry-leading data science talent, education, and resources to jointly upskill their teams and drive the adoption of automated machine learning in enterprises globally,” said Jeremy Achin, CEO, DataRobot.

More than 40 leading organizations including Keyrus, Slalom Consulting, FIRN, Velocity Business Solutions, ProKarma, RXP Services, Decisive Data, and Analytics8 have already joined DataRobot’s AI Partner Program. For more information on the DataRobot AI Partner Program, please visit

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