Wins “Digital Technology” Category in Ventana Research’s 14th Annual Digital Innovation Awards , the premier artificial intelligence (AI) platform for language understanding, has won the “Digital Technology” category in Ventana Research’s 14th Annual Digital Innovation Awards. The prestigious honors recognize trailblazing vendors that contribute advancements in technology, drive change and increase value for organizations worldwide. Recipients were announced today by Ventana Research, the most authoritative and respected benchmark business technology research and advisory services firm.

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The Digital Innovation Awards recognize innovation in business and IT showcasing vendor applications and technology that improve the efficiency, productivity and performance of an organization. Winners were chosen by subject matter experts from the Ventana analyst team, which scored submissions on digital innovation that most successfully maximized the value of all of an organization’s assets – its people, processes, information and technology.

“The need for organizations to adapt AI and ML to humans is and has been a large challenge for the technology industry, and there’s need to adapt to natural language that is conversational and impactful,” said Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research. “Congratulations to for being the winner of our Digital Innovation Award for Digital Technology, and providing the innovation that organizations can embrace in the intelligent use of natural language in an automated manner to speed optimization and business outcomes.”

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In taking top honors in “Digital Technology,” was singled out as the vendor that best exemplified innovation supporting technology in a number of key areas, following the recent launch of the Platform that provides deep understanding of language, and turns it into knowledge and insight that make for faster and better decisions.

The platform uses an exclusive hybrid AI approach honed from hundreds of real-world implementations. Comprehensive and easy to use, it combines symbolic AI and machine learning techniques to ensure the best possible accuracy for each individual use case with transparency of explainable AI.

“The Platform win speaks to our passion for providing the most advanced NL capabilities with simple and powerful AI tools than we can immediately place in the hands of business users to unlock the value of data in daily language and produce impactful results,” said Keith C. Lincoln, CMO at “It’s a testimony to our team to take technology from infancy and develop it into practical use. To have our efforts recognized by Ventana Research validates our vision and focus, and supports our roadmap that facilitates widespread adoption.”