ICARO™ Media Group Acquires EVNTL AI Technology For Price In $30M Range

ICARO™ AI Now Delivers Fastest-Breaking News and Actionable Insights in Real-Time From Verifiable Sources

ICARO™ Media Group, Inc., (ICARO™), a global digital media technology company, today announced that it has acquired artificial intelligence company EVNTL AI in a cash and stock transaction valued at approximately $30M. EVNTL is an Artificial Intelligence technology leader specializing in machine learning, advanced algorithms, and predictive insights for security, investment, and breaking news events.

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The acquisition of EVNTL provides ICARO™ with advanced proprietary AI KORE Technology that mines social media quickly and efficiently. KORE Technology further refines targeted data and makes it actionable for users within multiple verticals. KORE is connected into multiple social media data sources that will drive deep personalization experiences to ICARO™ subscribers, including Twitter, Reddit and other open source news sources such as RSS feeds, and to power EVNTL CENS (critical events notification systems). EVNTL’s AI technology team includes world-class data scientists and technologists with extensive experience in creating advanced AI technology in the AI, ML and NLP sectors, who will now accelerate ICARO™ AI technology in its new offices located in Toronto, Canada.

“Technology is evolving rapidly as companies race to digitally transform their AI-driven business models,” stated Paul Feller, CEO and Chairman of ICARO™ Media Group. “I am thrilled to announce that effective immediately, EVNTL AI, a leader in artificial intelligence technology, has been acquired and merged into ICARO™. The strategic acquisition of EVNTL increases ICARO™ shareholder value, expands our capabilities to gather detailed analytics, and integrates advanced targeting of hyper-focused revenue opportunities through advertising, pay-per-view, video, audio and e-commerce to over 135m subscribers currently under contract.”

“We are extremely excited to merge our team and technology into ICARO™ Media Group, an industry leader in media, commerce and telecom technology,” stated Marvin Igelman, CEO of EVNTL. “EVNTL’s leading-edge AI technology will further empower ICARO™ to provide the fastest-breaking news and data from verifiable sources to industries where competitive advantage is measured in seconds, and across ICARO™’s web, mobile, and OTT partnership devices.”

The ICARO™ product suite provides turn-key technology for global telecoms, media companies and television networks with over 135M subscribers under contract in LATAM and North America. ICARO™’s SaaS market platform provides white-label products via direct-to-consumer applications that can be customized by partners to meet long-term needs and strategies, creating personalized content experiences for end consumers, providing access to a robust premium content library, and taking advantage of best-in-class AI capabilities for breaking-news updates. The ICARO™ platform organizes, hosts, monetizes and distributes content in which global and regional partners can manage their content needs, increase content monetization through e-commerce and advertising integrations, and gain access to an automated B2B content exchange to access or distribute content.

ICARO™ Super App features include access to a premium content library in several languages, international content distribution solutions, advanced geofencing controls, e-commerce integrations, advertising integrations, multimedia management and curation tools, metadata enhancement and optimization, channels and playlists, and video management and hosting. ICARO™’s platforms support multi-language digital content to a growing list of publishers, telco partners and media groups. Primary languages will include English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. ICARO™ is headquartered in New York, with international offices located in São Paulo, Mexico City, Toronto, Boca Raton and London.

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