iQIYI CTO Liu Wenfeng: AI is the Key to Maximizing IP Value

Liu Wenfeng, Chief Technology Officer at iQIYI Inc., an innovative market-leading online entertainment service in China, made a keynote speech about the company’s innovation in AI at the APOStech 2018 event in Phuket, Thailand. Mr. Liu described the revolutionary potential of AI in maximizing IP value and improving user experience in the entertainment industry. iQIYI uses AI in all areas of its business, including intelligent content creation, production, automatic video tagging, distribution, playback, monetization and customer service.

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“AI allows us to predict the traffic of dramas and movies with over 80% accuracy,” said Mr. Liu. “This is of immeasurable help to us in designing our premium original content, from casting roles to scriptwriting, as well as in acquiring broadcast rights, content promotion and advertising sales. iQIYI has compiled the world’s largest collection of celebrity data, which tracks metrics such as actors’ movements, emotions, diction as well as physical attributes. In addition to enhanced user experience, the use of this technology combined with smart thematic tagging results in more effective monetization, as we match the most appropriate adverts to the content on our platform.”

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iQIYI’s AI capabilities are employed throughout the content production process, with AI-enabled automatic subtitle generation and video search functionalities, drastically improving editing speeds for iQIYI in-house produced variety shows such as The Rap of China and Idol Hits. Casting for shows is made more efficient due to the employment of intelligent matching algorithms and the company’s actor database, with AI further helping to improve user experience through functions such as 8K VR streaming playback, adaptive bitrate streaming playback, ZoomAI super resolution, as well as ‘smart bullet’ comments. “iQIYI will continue improving our customer experience, with big data and machine learning serving to categorize content as part of our new multi-faceted ‘heat rating’ system,” said Mr. Liu.