Benchmark Study by Blueshift Finds That AI Marketing Increases Customer Engagement 7X and Revenue 3X

Report Analyzes 3.8 Billion Marketing Interactions to Demonstrate the ROI of AI-Powered Marketing

Blueshift, the leading AI-Powered Customer Data Platform, announced the results of the first ever benchmark report analyzing the impact of AI-powered marketing campaigns. The study found that AI-powered campaigns increase customer engagement 7X and revenue 3X.

While AI has received a lot of hype in recent years, its results have remained opaque. To separate real ROI from the hype, Blueshift analyzed 3.8B marketing interactions on multiple channels across a dozen verticals, including e-commerce, media, consumer finance, and travel.  Findings from the analysis indicate that AI-powered marketing campaigns achieve:

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  • 3X revenue relative to their use in the marketing mix
  • 3.1X-7.2X lift in customer engagement
  • Nearly 2X greater impact on engagement for mobile push compared to email
  • Continuously improve campaign performance as the AI engine learns from customer interactions, driving an additional 50% lift over initial results

In addition to aggregate benchmarks, the study also highlights real examples of revenue gains achieved by AI Marketers.

In a recent study that identifies Blueshift as a Cool Vendor in AI for Marketing, the leading analyst firm Gartner stated that “AI’s capacity to transform marketing is obscured by a fog of hype, but the breakthroughs are real.” Blueshift’s report lifts the fog and illustrates the real breakthroughs being achieved by a host of AI-Marketers.

“Marketers are increasingly finding that the road from customer data to ROI goes through AI,” said Vijay Chittoor, co-founder and CEO of Blueshift. “Yet marketers have experienced, all too often, emerging technologies promoting empty claims that never materialize, leaving some skeptical of AI. That’s why we’re excited to show marketers how their peers are realizing tangible, measurable gains from AI today.”

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The report quantifies the impact of AI in optimizing the “Who, What, When & Where” of cross-channel marketing campaigns. By harnessing and analyzing streams of real-time and historical data, AI enables marketers with:

  • “The Who” with Predictive Audiences: Select the customers who should be targeted for a marketing campaign.
  • “The What” with Predictive Recommendations: Determine the right piece of content, offer or product to show each unique customer.
  • “The When” with Predictive Engage Time: Tailor campaign delivery to the times when each individual customer is most likely to engage.
  • “The Where” with Predictive Channel-of-Choice: Deliver campaigns on each individual customer’s channel-of-choice.

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