Now Tracking, Analyzing, and Grading 10 Million Technologies to Sharpen and Accelerate Customer Innovation

The Iterate Signals platform continuously listens to, analyzes, and maps emerging technologies to unlock the exact transformative solutions best suited for customers’ specific business goals, whose innovation ecosystem enables customers to build pilot-ready low-code applications up to 17x faster, today announced that its Signals platform is now tracking and auto-analyzing more than 10 million emerging technologies in real-time. As part of’s Evaluation Cloud for innovation discovery, Signals empowers customers to advance business initiatives and competitive differentiation by finding, grading, and capitalizing on the most cutting-edge technology trends.

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Signals uses a proprietary AI engine to spot granular technology trends shaping successful digital innovation initiatives. The platform, which has increased the number of tracked and analyzed technologies ten-fold in the past year, is built to stay ahead of the innovation curve so that Iterate customers understand – with confidence – which nascent technologies can power meaningful transformation for their specific use case. Signals is built to connect the dots between seemingly unrelated technologies, looking beyond the obvious for the hidden gems and differentiated opportunities that can deliver customers a true competitive advantage in their marketplace.

“Signals takes the guesswork out of emerging technologies,” said Mike Frazzini, Chief of Data Science, Iterate. “This is a unique platform that can distill and vet the chaos of 10 million solutions into the real trends and opportunities that map to a business’ specific vision – such as a retailer seeking to add frictionless payments, a healthcare organization exploring VR capabilities, or a brand considering an NFT initiative. Instead of embarking on manual research and curation projects that are limited in completeness and prone to biases, Signals guides customers’ innovation efficiently and with data-backed authority.”

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Signals uses proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms to compile and score dozens of attributes, including startups’ headcount, revenue estimates, and other business and technology factors that determine solution momentum and viability. This includes a ‘Hidden Gem’ score showing confidence in adopting technologies from particularly young startups. The platform automatically updates hourly, recording millions of daily changes across the 10 million technologies tracked and analyzed. Signals uses data science to automatically curate complementary technologies for customer consideration.’s Evaluation Cloud is complemented by the Execution Cloud, which is anchored by Interplay. The AI-fueled low-code platform includes 465 pre-build modules for quickly building applications capable of harnessing the five forces driving innovation: AI/ML, IoT, data integration, blockchain, and startups’ cutting-edge and integratable tools. The mature platform is deployed by customers across industries and is currently in its 6.0 release. “With Interplay, customer applications are routinely developed 10x to 17x more rapidly than standard code-writing development models – and the breadth of off-the-shelf building blocks Interplay provides maps to just about any use case,” said Brian Sathianathan, Chief Technology Officer,

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