MediaPlatform® Adds High Accuracy, Affordable AI-Assisted Automated Captioning for Broadcaster Live Webcasts

New Offering Spans Gap Between High-End Human and Automated Closed Captioning Services

MediaPlatform today announced that its MediaPlatform Broadcaster® live webcasting customers have access to a new managed captioning service that bridges the pricing and accuracy gap between human and automated live video captioning services.

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Called Smart Lexi, the new capability adds to the suite of live stream and overlay caption options MediaPlatform offers via its partnership with closed captioning technology leader, EEG, an AI-Media Company.

The Smart Lexi service layers key names and phrases in human-curated dictionaries, adapted by machine learning in the company’s Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) engine, to deliver automated captioning with much higher levels of word and phonetic accuracy than standard ASR services. When compared to the other end of the captioning spectrum, Smart Lexi is more affordable, and faster, than human translation services.

The new Smart Lexi service adds to the suite of human and automated captioning and translation options that allow Broadcaster customers to affordably and seamlessly connect with international audiences and be in compliance with ADA accessibility guidelines.

MediaPlatform Broadcaster captioning service options now include:

  • Smart Lexi, the new high accuracy dictionary- and machine learning-enabled automated captioning service;
  • Falcon, which injects real-time captions from human or AI sources into the video stream for mission-critical, high-profile events;
  • Lexi automated captioning, a simple and affordable way to add live stream and overlay captions into every live webcast;
  • Smart Lexi or Lexi with iCap Translate, which provides automated, affordable translation into nearly 20 major languages and allows viewers to choose from up to four different language drop downs during any live webcast.

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“We see Smart Lexi as the best of both worlds, combining the affordability and automation of ASR with the accuracy of highly skilled human caption dictionary expertise from the AI Media team,” said Shaun Brown, GM MediaPlatform Broadcast Services. “Our customers will welcome this new alternative for its increased accuracy and speed, and integration with live and overlay captioning and international translation capabilities,” Brown said.

MediaPlatform Broadcast Services provides white-glove remote and on-location production, webcast event management and customized training and support services for MediaPlatform’s Global 2000 customers. The Broadcast Services’ staff of A/V professionals bring media professional expertise to every customer event, providing companies with the assurance that their most high-profile live events will be produced as professionally as any television broadcast

In addition to MediaPlatform Broadcaster, MediaPlatform’s enterprise video platform includes the MediaPlatform® On Demand video content management portal, MediaPlatform Edge eCDN and MediaPlatform’s distribution-agnostic Smartpath intelligent video routing technology, and MediaPlatform’s real-time analytics suite including the Event Success Dashboard quality of experience and Video Business Intelligence quality of service offerings.

Marketing Technology News: MarTech Interview with Greg Sheppard, CMO at Templafy

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