Metaphysic to Enable Users to Generate Photo-Realistic Avatars Through Every Anyone Platform - Hyperreal content made with AI

Metaphysic, founded by the creators of @DeepTomCruise, recently raised $7.5m from Winklevoss Capital, Logan Paul, and more

Metaphysic, a company developing artificial intelligence for hyperreal virtual experiences, has launched Every Anyone™, a Web3 platform that allows individuals to securely generate their own photo-realistic NFT avatars based on their unique biometric data.

Marking the beginning of an era of hyperreality in the metaverse, Every Anyone uses cutting-edge AI content generation tools to allow any person to create an NFT of their personalised photo-realistic avatar. Individuals will be able to use their NFT avatar in immersive content experiences by authenticating their identity and securely uploading biometric data such as photos, videos, or voice recordings to Every Anyone without losing control or ownership of their data.

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Metaphysic created Every Anyone to address a critical need for Web3 infrastructure that enables users to personalise hyperreal content experiences across different metaverse platforms and services with one secure version of their synthetic likeness. Akin to Google’s Sign in with Google feature, Every Anyone provides seamless access to hyperreal identities and experiences in the metaverse, without compromising on data security and ownership. By combining Web3 infrastructure with Metaphysic’s hyperreal synthetic media technologies, Every Anyone™ will make the hyperreal metaverse accessible to all, from gaming and artistic experiences to fashion and online communications.

Tom Graham, CEO of Metaphysic, the company behind Every Anyone, said: “The only way to scale the metaverse to 8 billion people is for AI tools to generate personalised content experiences from data collected by individual users from the real world around them. This new visual layer of the internet will be photo-realistic and a seamless extension of our physical world. From Zoom calls with colleagues to multiplayer games where you are the main character, our private biometric data will be needed to create synthetic versions of ourselves inside content experiences. We are making huge advances in AI content generation, such as hyperreal deepfakes, but we need to pair technical achievement with ethical data and identity management that protects individuals’ privacy while also giving them control over how they are synthetically recreated in the metaverse. Every Anyone™ is solving that problem by creating a scalable, accessible platform for individuals to configure their hyperreal synthetic selves while maintaining control over that data.”

The Every Anyone™ platform was created with ethical and user safety considerations at its core. Users will retain complete control of their data and must consent to how metaverse applications they interface can use it, enabling a user-controlled content economy for the hyperreal metaverse. The project is also committed to ensuring access and representation for users of all backgrounds and will only partner with metaverse applications that meet the highest ethical and user safety standards.

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