NewVoiceMedia Brings Salesforce AI into the Contact Center

AI Is Being Incorporated Into a More Diverse Range of Applications and NewVoiceMedia Is Embarking Upon Its New Journey

Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered by Machine Learning (ML) is permeating every industry of business today. NewVoiceMedia is doing its share in aiming to improve productivity as individuals embark upon the culture of digital transformation.

John Eng, CMO of NewVoiceMedia explained the process of making Salesforce-Einstein in real-time, thus eliminating the need for batch processing which in return means rapid insights. In addition to that, built-in Einstein dashboards will allow businesses to analyze customer conversations in a simplified agenda. This will automatically be made available on Salesforce which will unlock valuable insights across contact center and CRM data.

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How will AI help?

The built-in Einstein dashboards will help businesses refine the boosting of their successes, and will also help in managing challenges more efficiently- thus ensuring every conversation is successful. The Conversation-Analyzer here uses speech-to-text to transcribe calls, after which it delivers content categorization intelligently-segregated so as to give actionable insights.

Businesses can now also route voice interactions through SMS, video, email, chat and other social channels through an integrated unified manner that will optimize resources and empower digital voice agents. This system methodically also helps improve in the management of KPIs across all consumer interaction channels.

Tony Bone, regional vice president of Service Cloud at Salesforce comments, “Salesforce empowers businesses to offer customers a rich, connected Omni channel experience, ensuring that the contact center is part of that experience is critical to business success. The NewVoiceMedia platform is the first contact center solution to offer Salesforce customers the ability to deliver that experience across both voice and Salesforce implemented digital channels. Unified routing coupled with tight integration with Salesforce enables customers to leverage their existing Salesforce implementations and obtain deep visibility and management across all their interaction channels.”

The Solution

Moni Manor, chief product officer at NewVoiceMedia, comments, “Digital transformation is about changing the way businesses operate and interact with customers to provide a better experience, and we’re passionate about helping drive great conversations across all customer touchpoints. With this release, we are first to market with a fully integrated omnichannel contact center solution which will enable organizations to leverage their Salesforce digital channels, without switching to a third-party solution for the unified digital and voice experience. This means companies using Salesforce can provide a rich, consistent and integrated experience irrespective of the channel chosen by the customer.”

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John Eng explained they can take over from Salesforce to provide data-directed routing. This includes allowing a high-valued text customer to be routed to a suitable team. The transactions received can be immediately deposited back into Salesforce.

“A seamless, integrated Omni channel contact center solution has become essential for businesses seeking to compete on customer experience,” said Sheila McGee-Smith, founder and principal analyst at McGee-Smith Analytics. “With the Omni channel capability from NVM and the dedicated focus it has put on tight integration with Salesforce, businesses can deliver that kind of Omni channel experience – offering not only consistency but also up-to-date customer interaction information irrespective of the interaction channel.”

Moreover, an organization will be able to answer to specific questions such as

  • What numbers of sales were closed and what weren’t?
  • How did time in queue affect the outcome?
  • What is the number of transfers that took place?
  • How the impact of various keywords affect the overall outcome?

Using the above tools will help contact centers be more responsive into allowing organizations focus on the crux of their matter responsibly. One of the primary goals of NewVoiceMedia is to add agility to an organization and to help enterprises integrate AI into the very fabric of their business, so as to succeed.

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