Integrates with Slack to Bring Real-Time Deal Insights and Revenue Acceleration

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Slack Integration Enables Every Sales Team to Learn at Scale with Automated Win-Loss Analysis, the only platform that drives revenue intelligence across all go-to-market teams, announced an integration with Slack that will automatically provide sales teams with AI-powered insights and real-time win-loss deal analytics.

Sales, marketing, and customer success teams will now benefit from the Slack integration to automatically surface real-time insights on every contact, activity, buying group and engagement of won, lost or active opportunities — most importantly, natively on the Slack platform that they are already using every day to collaborate.

“Modern sales is a team sport and with increasing complexity of enterprise sales account executives have less margin for error. They need to learn from each other’s wins and losses more effectively, in real-time, and without information overload,” said Oleg Rogynskyy, CEO and Founder, “ has the ability to capture and present all of the deal data, including engaged contacts, activities, and buying group composition, and then surface this data in Slack, the channel where reps spend most of their time — and in an insightful but still bite-size format that allows for effective team learning.”

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“When you capture, analyze and provide such insights to the sales team, everybody learns and deals are accelerated. It’s easier to identify missing personas in the buying group or best next steps, if you’ve learned how your colleagues have handled similar situations. This lets sales professionals ramp faster and get more wins. That’s why Slack highlights as a way to help teams work better together,” says Rogynskyy

The integration with Slack ensures that teams proactively get key insights without having to enter the data manually in the CRM or search for it across multiple places. Data which would typically be buried deep within multiple tools can be surfaced through and Slack to answer questions like:

  • How many people are in that sales process? Are they the right people? Who are we missing?
  • What’s the activity pattern that is needed for the deal to close? What’s the best next step?
  • Which activity targets, goals and SLA’s should I set for myself or my team based on previous sales cycles and performance/engagement of accounts?
  • How do I replicate the success of my top reps, and help average reps become better?

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Besides capturing all sales contacts and activity data, automating all CRM data entry, and helping sales professionals ramp faster, promotes alignment of sales with marketing and customer success teams, as everyone can see how the deal progressed and which activity led to results.

This latest integration is one of almost a hundred integrations has created. Besides distributing knowledge via Slack, can deliver rich deal and sales behavior analytics data and the AI-insights through daily or weekly emails, via API to data warehouses or business intelligence systems, via Einstein Analytics or native Salesforce reporting, and via’s own intelligent suite of products. effortlessly improves sales execution without having salespeople log into yet another dashboard or leave their work environment of choice.

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