ScaleX.Ai Announces Personalization at Scale, Powered by Artificial Intelligence

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ScaleX.Ai Announced a Smarter, Faster, and Better Way to Accelerate Sales and Increase Revenue Through their Personalization at Scale Suite., the leader in personalization at scale, powered by artificial intelligence, announced a smarter, faster, and better way to accelerate sales and increase revenue through the Sales Personalization at Scale Suite.

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The Personalization at Scale Suite, Powered by Artificial Intelligence, includes:

  • AI-Powered BDR Selection Technology
  • AI-Powered Personalization at Scale
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Coaching as a Service
  • Conversation Acceleration
  • Social Selling
  • ScaleX Dashboard and Reporting

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“As the Senior Director of Global Sales and Business Development for a public Unified-Communications-as-a-Service company, I learned that SDRs and BDRs are usually great at one core competency, which is either phone, email, or social, and usually not all three. By de-coupling email and social from the BDR and having a bot personalize the outbound messaging, BDRs can now focus on sales conversations while bots can do what they are good at – personalizing messages that convert to meetings at an unbelievably high rate,” said Chad Burmeister, Co-Founder, CEO, ScaleX.

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Companies curious about testing the power of artificial intelligence in sales need look no further than Whether supporting a team of 1 or 1,000, this AI offers a 3-month pilot program that has consistently delivered 60 – 125 meetings to prove the value of personalization at scale, powered by artificial intelligence. delivers personalization at scale, powered by artificial intelligence (TM). Whether you are looking to bring 10X more productivity to your internal sales team, or partner with a company that consistently delivers 25-50 meetings per month per BDR, ScaleX has a solution.

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