Syniverse and RealNetworks Collaboration Brings Kontxt-Based Machine Learning Analytics to Block Spam and Phishing Text Messages

The First End-to-End Messaging Visibility Platform Allows Mobile Operators and Internet Service Providers to Identify, Analyze and Prioritize Messages

Syniverse and RealNetworks have announced they have incorporated sophisticated machine learning (ML) features into their integrated offering that gives carriers visibility and control over mobile messaging traffic. By integrating RealNetworks’ Kontxt™ application-to-person (A2P) message categorization capabilities into Syniverse Messaging Clarity, mobile network operators (MNOs), internet service providers (ISPs), and messaging aggregators can identify and block spam, phishing, and malicious messages by prioritizing legitimate A2P traffic, better monetizing their service.


At the time of this announcement, Bill Corbin, Senior Vice President of Indirect Markets & Strategic Partnerships, Syniverse said —

“Syniverse offers companies the capability to use machine learning technologies to gain insight into what traffic is flowing through their networks, while simultaneously ensuring consumer privacy and keeping the actual contents of the messages hidden. The Syniverse Messaging Clarity solution can generate statistics examining the type of traffic sent and whether it deviates from the sender’s traffic pattern. From there, the technology analyzes if the message is a valid one or spam and blocks the spam.”

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Currently, Syniverse helps mobile operators and businesses manage and secure their mobile and network communications, driving better engagements and business outcomes.

Surash Patel, General Manager of Kontxt, RealNetworks added, “The self-learning Kontxt algorithms within the Syniverse Messaging Clarity solution allow its threat-assessment techniques to evolve with changes in message traffic. Our analytics also verify that sent messages conform to network standards pertaining to spam and fraud. By deploying Messaging Clarity, MNOs and ISPs can help ensure their compliance with local regulations across the world, including the U.S. Telephone Consumer Protection Act, while also avoiding potential costs associated with violations. And, ultimately, the consumer — who is the recipient of more appropriate text messages and less spam — wins as well, as our Kontxt technology within the Messaging Clarity solution works to enhance customer trust and improve the overall customer experience.”

Syniverse Messaging Clarity, the first end-to-end messaging visibility solution, utilizes the best-in-class grey route firewall, and clearing and settlement tools to maximize messaging revenue streams, better control spam traffic, and closely partner with enterprises. The solution analyzes the delivery of messages before categorizing them into specific groupings, including messages being sent from one person to another person (P2P), A2P messages, or outright spam. Through its existing clearing and settlement capabilities, Messaging Clarity can transform upcoming technologies like Rich Communication Services (RCS) and chatbots into revenue-generating products and services without the clutter and cost of spam or fraud.

The foundational Kontxt technology adds natural language processing and deep learning techniques to Messaging Clarity to continually update and improve its understanding of messages and clarification. This new feature adds to Messaging Clarity’s ability to identify, categorize, and ascribe a monetary value to the immense volume and complexity of messages that are delivered through text messaging, chatbots, and other channels.

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The Syniverse and RealNetworks Kontxt message classification provide companies the ability to ensure that urgent messages, like one-time passwords, are sent at a premium rate compared with lower-priority notifications, such as promotional offers. The Syniverse Messaging Clarity solution also helps eliminate instances of extreme message spam phishing (smishing). This type of attack recently occurred with a global shipping company when spam texts were sent to consumers with the request to click a link to receive an update on package delivery for a phantom order.

Building on a legacy of digital media expertise and innovation, RealNetworks has created a new generation of products that employ best-in-class artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance and secure online communication channels.

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