Truthify Emotion AI Application Offers Actionable Feedback to Brands and Marketers Based on Audience Emotional Reactions

Technology Reveals Invaluable Insight Not Available Anywhere Else for Anyone Who Seeks Reactions to Their Content

Emotion artificial intelligence (AI) company Truthify revealed a first-of-its-kind, short-form video messaging application to help brands, marketers, media and advertising agencies, political campaigns and civic leaders gather at-scale audience feedback that is immediate, authentic and actionable. What if you could measure the subconscious emotional reaction to questions, ideas, content, products or people?

Truthify enables insight-driven decision making and planning while engaging audiences, stakeholders and buyers in a completely different way. Anyone that wants to identify emotional reactions to their message or content can use Truthify to upload or record a video and send it to an endless number of recipients. The recipient watches the video message after enabling camera permissions, and then the app uses Emotion AI to identify the recipient’s subconscious emotional reaction to the sender’s message and shares the reaction with both the sender and recipient.

Up to 90 percent of purchasing decisions are made subconsciously. However, current market and qualitative research techniques for gathering customer and prospect feedback, like focus groups, surveys and polls, are not scalable and give little insight into a person’s subconscious. Typically, market research gathers feedback from a small subset of a brand’s audience, who may or may not be sharing their first (and truest) reaction. Using this as a basis when spending millions, or tens of millions, of dollars on a new advertising campaign, a consumer product launch, or to decide the next face of your political campaign, can be extremely risky. To continue to be successful, marketers will need to supplement current techniques with greater insight and scalability – both of which Truthify provides.

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“Until now, brands haven’t had a means of quickly identifying the true reactions of their audience and were relegated to traditional research methods,” said Kevin Knull, CEO and Co-Founder, Truthify. “Truthify is a more modern solution to help both brands and individuals gain audience feedback that is immediate, authentic, and actionable. For the brand, knowing how a message is received by its audience before it is widespread could be very beneficial, and it could either help drive increased revenue, prevent significant losses, or avoid public relations missteps. This is honest feedback measured at 14 times per second, and it goes far beyond a ‘like’ button.”

“Truthify has the potential to disrupt the marketing and advertising industries in a really positive way,” said Joe Koufman, founder and CEO, AgencySparks, which is a matchmaker for brands and marketing agencies. “Truthify’s unique ability to enable brands to test and deliver video content quickly to ensure that it resonates emotionally with a target audience is a game-changer.”

Results within the Truthify app can be filtered by an aggregate or individual recipient comments, emotions and more. Users are also granted analytics that offers important details about their content, such as recipient demographics, the specific point at which a recipient’s emotion changed, and the device and operating system used to view the content. All of this makes it easy for brands, marketers and others to confidently make plans and decisions rooted in accurate insights that will resonate with their audience, and entice them to take an action. And, unlike current focus groups, the user can create a campaign, send it to the desired audience, and receive responses in minutes rather than weeks.

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The Emotion AI Technology Behind Truthify

Truthify partnered with Emotion AI company Affectiva and is using their technology to evaluate recipients’ spontaneous reactions to a stimulus by tracking facial expressions and emotions. Affectiva has analyzed more than 6.5 million faces of varying gender, age and ethnicity in 87 countries, to ensure high accuracy for their technology in real-world scenarios. The seven emotions that Truthify measures include anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness and surprise. With Affectiva’s Emotion AI, Truthify allows brands, marketers and others to understand complex and nuanced emotional reactions to their content in order to make better, more informed decisions.

“Emotions influence every aspect of our lives, from how we learn, to how we communicate, to what we purchase. And yet, our technology and devices today have a lot of IQ, but they’re lacking EQ, or emotion awareness,” said Dr. Rana el Kaliouby, CEO and co-founder, Affectiva. “Our mission at Affectiva is to humanize technology with Emotion AI. What makes the Truthify application exciting is that it gives anyone with a smartphone the power to use technology to better understand each other and how we emote, as well as decipher what is often lost in digital communication – emotions. Truthify allows brands, as well as consumers, to connect with those around them in a more meaningful way.”

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