Ukrainian Ministry Signs AI Consumer Intelligence Company to Strengthen its Digital Front Line

We track microtrends to predict evolutionary cultural shifts

Top Ai firm brought in to fight the digital information war by predicting, shaping and repelling false narratives, a leading predictive AI platform that helps prominent enterprises anticipate major changes in micro-trends, today announced its partnership with The Centre for Strategic Communication and Information Security within the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine.

This new partnership which, marks’s expansion into the government and national security sectors, is being coordinated in conjunction with technologist and national security experts, OODA, and is intended to support Ukraine in its efforts to maintain independence.

The Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine is at the forefront of defending Ukraine and the world against a global misinformation war. & OODA provide insights into areas of strategic focus, including anticipatory signals surfaced by NWO’s platform

Mykola Balaban, Deputy Head of the Centre, said:

Russia has dedicated vast resources to distort the information space and help achieve its military and geopolitical goals. Part of the strategy is to flood the world with misinformation to confuse citizens as well as business and government leaders.’s platform is powerful, but also very user friendly, that’s a rare and potent combination that makes our job easier. The technology has already proven to be helpful in our war efforts.

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Pulkit Jaiswal, co-founder said:

“In the war for words, narrative is king and todays information battle is digital.’s advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine continuously transforms petabytes of unstructured narrative data into intuitive, visual metrics and clear intelligence that can be used on the digital front line. Our ability to understand and bring order to massive amounts of complex data is key for all users of our platform, but we’re especially proud when it helps world leaders make better informed decisions on matters of critical national and global security. In a world where fast moving narrative and language corrupt thoughts in real time it’s very important to get ahead. is committed to supporting Ukraine in its fight for freedom”

Bob Gourley, OODA co-founder & former CTO of the US Defense Intelligence Agency notes: “ is an exciting platform because it helps decision makers keep a tight OODA loop, the cycle of observe–orient–decide–act, developed by military strategist and United States Air Force Colonel John Boyd. With so much at stake in Ukraine, we commend for making its technology and services available to support this mission., OODA, and The Centre for Strategic Communications and Information Security of Ukraine work together to help provide insights into areas of strategic focus, including anticipatory signals surfaced by the NWO,ai platform. As Sourav Goswami, co-founder of notes, “Now is not the time for any ambiguity and it is well known that aggressors cannot live with the truth. We’re proud to do our part to help promote the facts and make sure that the world knows exactly what is going on. Sitting on the sidelines simply is not an option in such times of increasing global tensions.”

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