Unveiling the AI-Powered Crowd Service Platform from Limitless

Limitless Is Disrupting the Customer Service Industry by Enabling Organizations to Crowdsource Customer Support

A host of major brands have begun working with Limitless, a UK-based technology inventor and a provider of crowdsourced customer service platform. In Europe, Limitless is now working with Unilever, Vodafone, National Express, New Day, Wargaming and Daily Mail Group; whilst in the US and Canada, they are working with Unilever North America and Sun Basket. New clients and partners include 21st Century Fox and Facebook.

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The deals follow Limitless completing a $2.97 million seed funding round in November last year, which was led by Downing Ventures and Unilever Ventures. Investment since the company’s launch in 2016 now totals $4.05 million.

What is Limitless Crowd Service Platform?

Limitless is disrupting the customer service industry by enabling organizations to crowdsource customer support. Limitless helps brands find, manage and reward ‘crowd service ambassadors’. These people – often the brand’s own existing loyal customers and employees – use a simple app to answer questions posed by other customers and receive a reward for resolving them. They can dip into the app at a time and place which suits them. They can answer as many, or as few, questions as they like. Limitless calls this Crowd Service®.

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There is a Real Need for Innovation in the Customer Service Industry

At the time of this announcement, Roger Beadle, CEO and co-founder of Limitless, said, “The investment we’ve secured and the caliber of customer we’ve attracted in the past six months are supercharging the development and deployment of the Limitless platform globally. There is a real need for innovation in the customer service industry and embracing the gig-economy is a perfect way to do this.”

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Roger added, “Our vision is to help every company deliver outstanding personalized service, at a lower cost – and by taking a Crowd Service® approach – give people who provide great service better rewards and freedom.”

Limitless customers have already seen significant improvement, with customer satisfaction reported at over 90% and queries being resolved in less than 5 minutes. The brands are experiencing savings between 50%-75% on their support costs.

Megan Neale, COO and co-founder of Limitless said, “All over the world companies are seeing customer service costs spiral and the traditional customer service model is struggling to cope. Customers today value authenticity and expect fast, helpful and empathetic service. When we launched Limitless, we wanted to provide a fresh approach, to make customer service consistently better for everybody. Our clients have already seen dramatic improvements in response times, customer satisfaction levels and a reduction in costs.”

The  Crowd Service® platforms, which are uniquely built for each client are assisted by AI. This creates a seamless process for Ambassadors, thereby offering a human touch to interactions while allowing the personality of the brands to shine through.

Stan Sthanunathan, Executive Vice President – Consumer & Market Insights at Unilever, said, “We know consumers want more insightful and faster responses from communications with our brands, Limitless offers us a way to provide this whilst helping other consumers at the same time.”

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Stan added, “We are excited to work with Limitless to help us scale customer services much more cost effectively across all digital channels on a 24/7 basis and deepen our understanding of consumer needs. We also get to reward our most loyal and passionate customers at the same time.”

Brands benefit from using Limitless alongside their existing customer service teams. The platform trains its AI algorithms to handle increasing numbers of lower value, simple inquiries autonomously so Ambassadors can focus on handling higher value and more complex inquiries leaving a brand’s customer service teams to focus on queries that would be impacted by data privacy.

Currently, Limitless provides a fresh approach to customer service. Intelligent routing, AI, reward and reputation mechanisms allow brands to route inquiries to a pool of their own loyal customers and employees. The Limitless Crowd Service® platform trains their AI algorithms to handle increasing numbers of lower value, simple inquiries autonomously.

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