ViewLift Enhances Platform Services with Artificial Intelligence Technology

Platform Provides Advanced Data Solutions and Services for Operators

ViewLift, an industry leading digital distribution and monetization company, has incorporated artificial intelligence engine technology into its platform. ViewLift Intelligence (VLI) uses the latest data science and artificial intelligence technology to provide enhanced customer behavioral insights and retention tools for operators. These analytic and retention services are integrated within the ViewLift platform, allowing clients to execute targeted churn reduction strategies across multiple channels including social, email, in-app, push notifications, among others.

Generated from every platform, piece of content and end-user, the data ViewLift provides allows for rapid and granular analysis of traffic, engagement, revenue and marketing. Their universal dashboard gives partners a 360-degree view of the business in real time.

As an end-to-end OTT platform that touches every part of the user journey, the ViewLift platform collects an incredible breadth of data on customer behavior. Using advanced machine learning and AI algorithms, ViewLift Intelligence leverages its data to accurately predict which paying subscribers are at high risk for churn. By analyzing user viewing behavior, content preferences, subscription packages, acquisition method, and device preferences with VLI, ViewLift allows operators to pinpoint specific users that are likely to cancel in the near future. Given the high cost of acquiring subscribers, targeted retention strategies offer a much higher return on marketing investment and can vastly increase client profitability.

With the implementation of ViewLift Intelligence technology, the platform continues to provide innovative solutions for brands. The platform continues to make milestones producing high quality tools that empower content owners and establish long lasting partnerships.

ViewLift provides a comprehensive suite of technology and services for brands and content owners. Using the platform and services, partners are able to get to market and reach consumers quickly. Their digital platform allows consumers to stream live and on-demand content and offers extensive marketing, data and analytics tools that empower businesses to generate revenue and enhance interaction with their audience.

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