Vocinity Announces First Custom AI Avatar For Virtual Brand Assistants-Takes Synthetic Media To New Level Of Interaction

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The first avatar-based conversational brand assistant addresses enterprise staffing challenges to perform critical business processes.

Vocinity announced the integration of Synthesia, the leading provider of custom AI avatars, with the Vocnity Video Engagement Platform. Together, the first custom, fully conversational brand assistant called Gabbi is now available. The video bot helps enterprises address the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff to perform critical business processes. Consequently, Vocinity’s rich-media experiences allow brands to enhance their ability to attract, sell, train, serve, and support users in stores, offices, and online.

Launched in 2018, Vocinity blurs the lines between entertainment, education, and commerce, enabling a personal touch that e-commerce and chatbots alone do not provide. Vocinity’s earlier deployments of Synthesia used stock avatars. Launching Gabbi, the custom avatar showcases the flexibility of the Vocinity platform and the power of Synthesia.

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“Real-time video engagements are complex. To maximize user experiences, we developed NLU enhancements, proprietary error correction, noise reduction, adaptive bandwidth throttling and other algorithms.”

— Nathan Stratton, Founder and CTO, Vocinity

“We tested several custom AI avatars before recommending Synthesia to our clients. We have been working with them now for more than a year and are very pleased with the results,” said Michael Riemer, CEO of Vocinity.

“Vocinity recently joined our expert network to help showcase how they utilize our video avatar platform, said Steffen Tjerrild, COO and Co-Founder of Synthesia. “We look forward to working with our customers and partners to find valuable use cases of the Vocinity solution.”

Vocinity incorporates a unique multimedia gateway and leading open-source and commercial vendors to ensure best-in-class conversational AI. Accordingly, Vocinity Brand Assistants are the first fully conversational video avatars supporting full-duplex conversations, including interruptions. Vocinity’s no code agent builder and zero-footprint deployments ensure rapid and cost-effective deployments and maintenance.

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“Real-time video engagements are more complex than voice and chatbot technologies,” said Nathan Stratton, founder, and CTO of Vocinity. “So to ensure great user experiences, we made NLU enhancements and developed proprietary error correction, noise reduction, adaptive bandwidth throttling, and other algorithms.”

Consumers engage custom branded Vocinity experiences by scanning a QR code, clicking a link or button on websites, or interacting with enhanced digital signs. These actions launch a personalized, interactive video experience featuring multilingual brand assistants, like Gabbi, who can transfer to a human agent video chat or phone calls as needed.

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