VIQ Solutions Provides Mid-Year Updates and Announces Approval of Listing on Nasdaq

Announces New Multi-Year Contracts Valued at Up to $3.2 Million

VIQ Solutions, a global provider of secure, AI-driven, digital voice and video capture technology and automated transcription services, announced its common shares were approved for listing on the Nasdaq Capital Market (“Nasdaq”). The Company additionally announced preliminary results for the second quarter of fiscal year(FY) 2021, provided an outlook for the third quarter of FY2021 and an update on new multi-year contracts. All numbers are expressed in U.S. dollars unless otherwise stated.

“As global markets expand, the need for real-time, highly accurate documentation is accelerating”

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Approval of Nasdaq Listing – To Trade Under the Stock Symbol VQS

VIQ received approval to list its common shares on the Nasdaq under the symbol “VQS.” VIQ will provide a subsequent announcement of the date trading of its common shares will commence on the Nasdaq. VIQ’s common shares will continue to trade on the OTCQX until trading begins on Nasdaq. VIQ will also retain its listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange (the “TSX”) under the symbol “VQS.”

“The Nasdaq listing represents a significant milestone for VIQ and is an important next step in our development,” said Sebastien Paré, Chief Executive Officer, VIQ Solutions. “The listing is a testament to our team’s diligent work executing our growth strategy, providing products that create tangible value and fostering meaningful relationships with our growing client base. We believe this listing will result in a number of long-term benefits for our shareholders, including elevating VIQ’s public profile, providing greater liquidity, expanding our shareholder base, and gaining additional coverage by technology analysts.”

Preliminary Second Quarter Results for FY2021 and Outlook for Third Quarter Results for FY2021

The Company plans to provide its second quarter earnings in mid-August. Based on its preliminary results, VIQ anticipates revenue in the second quarter to be in the range of $8.0 to $8.1 million. Gross margins are expected to be approximately 45.5%. VIQ anticipates revenue in the third quarter to be in the range of $8.2 to $8.5 million. Gross margins are expected to be in the range of 46.0% to 47.0%. Gross margin estimates do not include any potential positive impact related to wage subsidies.

The Company continues to execute on its planned commitment to scale its technology editing infrastructure and sales globally to meet new demands and to address new opportunities for its products and services.

VIQ plans to complete its corporate initiatives related to this acceleration of its innovation, expansion and public market related initiatives in the second quarter and third quarter of FY2021. The extraordinary, one-time, expenses associated with these corporate milestones will be included in the Company’s financial results for second quarter and third quarter of FY2021.

“While there was continuing volatility with Covid-related shutdowns in some of our global markets, our revenue remains steady and our client list continues to grow,” said Susan Sumner, President and Chief Operating Officer. “We are building the foundation to scale organic growth and complete accretive M&A, both domestically and across the globe. We remain committed to implementing our comprehensive strategy to consolidate the fragmented transcription industry and seek to complete one or two transactions before the end of 2021.”

New Multi-Year Contracts

The Company also announced it has secured new, multi-year contracts in the United States, EMEA, and Australia valued at up to $3.2 million in revenue over a 12-month period with expected average gross margins in the range of 50% to 55% based on historically similar contracts.

The Company commenced providing products and services to its customers under these contracts during first quarter and second quarter of 2021, with the majority of services expected to commence in third quarter of 2021, subject to region-specific pandemic related shutdowns particularly in EMEA and Australia. Thirty percent of the value of these contracts represent organic growth with current customers with the remaining 70% represent net new customers.

Increased Demand for New Solutions

In early 2021, the Company introduced FirstDraft, powered by aiAssist™, to automate the speech-to-text process, increasing audio recording documentation and improving content accessibility for clients worldwide. The solution was well received, and demand is higher than expected with approximately $1.0 million of active opportunities awaiting commercial availability. The interest is particularly strong in the U.S, particularly in the Law Enforcement and Media, and in regions of EMEA, opening an important growth opportunity for VIQ and its partners.

“During an initial test of the FirstDraft functionality, we were amazed at the results,” said Peter Benson, Chief Executive Officer, Digital Voice Processing, a VIQ Synergy Strategic Partner. “The team captured a six-hour file of a complex, multi-speaker parliamentary case using VIQ’s CapturePro™ and submitted the file through its FirstDraft process. The automated draft transcript was returned in 22 minutes and with an estimated 95.7% accuracy. We believe the ability to provide a fast and affordable solution for recordings that do not require an edited or certified transcript will enable our clients uncover the value inherent within their documentation.”

“We are excited about the opportunity CapturePro, NetScribe™, and FirstDraft provides to the region,” Mr. Benson added. “In most African countries, English, French, or Portuguese are the legal language of record, however, the average transcriptionist’s first language is none of these. The ability to use AI to decrease turnaround time while providing elevated levels of accuracy is a game-changer.”

To expand the support of its solution portfolio globally, VIQ will implement a localized version of the FirstDraft technology on the African continent and make a similar investment in Canada before the end of 2021.

“As global markets expand, the need for real-time, highly accurate documentation is accelerating,” said Ms. Sumner. “Our AI powered solutions continue to drive efficiency and improve productivity. Our editors have seen throughput increase of up to 40 percent, with the highest level of success in the multi-speaker court sector.”

“We remain committed on our path to disrupt and transform the industries we serve and we are excited by our growth opportunities and outlook for 2021 and beyond,” said Ms. Sumner.

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