Zailab Unveils New Tagline Following Channel Launch

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CCaaS Company Zailab Has Revealed Its New Company Tagline: Rewarding Conversations. For Humans. Powered by AI

The three powerful statements represent the core pillars of Zailab’s value proposition: Using technology to connect with customers on a human level.

The unveiling follows the company’s recent launch into North America as part of its expanding global footprint, as well as its partnership with master agency Intelisys.

VP of Marketing Marya Dzmitruk explains the rationale behind the new tagline in relation to the company’s direction and how it cleverly underpins the benefits of the cloud-based platform for contact centers. ‘It is important to embrace what Zailab as a company represents and tie that with our product’s capabilities. I believe this will forge a stronger identity for our brand in the market.’

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‘Being powered by AI allows us to spend more time focusing on rewarding conversations for humans,’ she says.

Rewarding Conversations

The Contact Card contains full client details as well as interaction history, so as soon as a call comes in, teams have all the information they need to deliver a more personalized, informed service. This also results in customers feeling more valued and connected to the business.

Marya explains how rewarding conversations benefits both agents and customers on a more personal, human level. ‘Customer behavior has changed dramatically in the last decade – consumers have become less loyal, given the saturated markets, and more demanding. Companies who previously competed on innovation and pricing are now competing on CX and this is where the essence of rewarding conversations lies – empowering companies to connect with their customers on a more personal, human level.’

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For Humans

The Zailab platform was designed in such a way that anyone can set up their contact center in minutes. The solution provides enterprise features on a consumption basis, making it a perfect fit for small businesses looking for a cost-effective way to connect with their prospects and customers.

‘When an entrepreneur decides to go all in on their business idea, day zero of a newly born company doesn’t start with a hundred-plus person team. And yet it’s not easy to find a provider who will provide an enterprise solution for a very lean team. Zailab helps small businesses focus on their growth and bridges that gap between enterprise solutions and SMBs,’ explains Marya.

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Powered by AI

The secret engine under Zailab’s hood is its impressive machine learning capabilities. Zailab’s AI learns over time which conversations need to be prioritized and served first. In addition, routing customers to the right agents the first time creates an overall improved customer experience.

‘AI is a powerful tool for connecting people and improving the contact center experience for customers,’ she says. ‘AI is truly revolutionizing the customer experience scene – we are able to automate previously manual processes and by including an intelligence component to routing and data capture, we gain empowered agents who can focus solely on CX, without being preoccupied with prioritization, administrative tasks, and data maintenance.’

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