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AI-Powered Interior Design Tool Planner 5D Hits 40 Million Users

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Planner 5D, the popular 3D home design tool that enables anyone to easily create floor plans and interior designs with AI, VR and AR, has announced it has  reached 40 million users, more than any comparable offering. These users have designed over80 million projects without requiring any special design or software skills. Planner 5D has also continued to rapidly evolve its AI R&D department, which was officially launched in 2016, to take features like furniture auto-arrangement, electricity planning, and the ability to quickly turn a 2D photo into an interactive 3D blueprint, to the next level. Planner 5D plans to apply its AI features to home planning, robotics, scene-understanding, and much else.

Planner 5D looks and works like the Sims, but for real life. Having such a substantial user base means Planner 5D has a trove of data about home renovation with which to build a sophisticated AI assistant that can tailor recommendations based on a user’s family, needs, aspirations, and style preferences. Why hire an interior designer, when AI, through machine learning and computer vision, can accomplish the same task at a fraction of the cost?

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There is a huge market for bringing home and interior design to the masses. The average American spends nearly $7,000 on home improvements per household each year. Meanwhile, architecture costs for homeowners range from $2,000 to $8,300. Planner 5D doesn’t just offer renovations and ideas for far cheaper or a community to brainstorm with. It also leverages cutting-edge technology to help tailor ideas for each and every user, a capacity that will continue to evolve with the launch of a dedicated AI R&D department.

“Planner 5D lets everyday people easily customize their own homes, from wall color to floor materials to furniture. By continuing to improve and evolve the tool’s artificial intelligence, homeowners will have the creative freedom to design their dream space, but also have access to a well-trained design consultant, right inside our popular tool,” Planner 5D founder Alexey Sheremetyev said. “It’s because we have a large and growing user base and thus a large and growing library of floor plans that users can upload a 2D picture, for example, and watch Planner 5D recognize the floorplan and automatically transform it into an interactive 3D scene to be customized and perfected.”

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Planner 5D aims to be the go-to source for interior design, providing everyone with an opportunity to create a unique and authentic design in minutes. In addition to its AI assistant, Planner 5D easily allows users to add rooms and floors in 3D, choose furniture and other objects from a catalog of over 4,500 items, and customize the materials, colors, and dimensions of the interior items and rooms. Users can use AR for capturing dimensions of real rooms, while switching to VR lets them walk through imagined interiors virtually.

Planner 5D was founded in 2011 by Alexey Sheremetyev and Sergey Nosyrev. Notable investors include Igor Matsanyuk (Founder and Director of IMI.VC, Founder of Farminers and former Vice President at Group), IMI.VC, and Farminers Academy.

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