Immerse Platform Gets Upgrade Bringing New Possibilities to VR Training

Immerse Logo (PRNewsfoto/Immerse)

New features make immersive learning more affordable, accessible, easier to manage, scalable and insightful. 

Enterprise virtual reality (VR) platform provider Immerse announced a significant upgrade to the Immerse Platform, adding new features that will make VR learning and training initiatives more accessible, easier to use, scalable and insightful than ever.

The VR industry has seen exponential growth over the past few years, with the market expected to triple in size by 2024. Given this recent, extremely fast growth rate, there is a growing need for more holistic platforms created for a broad audience of companies, HR practitioners and Trainers. As a true industry pioneer, Immerse was one of the first companies to address this need and has developed a solid foundation, building on years of experience perfecting the Immerse Platform. The latest upgrade focuses on the following key features:

Seamless User Experience

Organizations using the Immerse Platform now have access to a more intuitive user experience, where they can simply select the app they would like to administrate, set users up with access, and track their progress, all housed under one application for administrators to easily manage. The platform also received a UI update and now resembles standard, more familiar app stores and common management systems, making the user and administrator experience seamless.

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Scalable Distribution and Flexible Access Flows 

When it comes to VR technology for enterprises, the operational context varies so widely that solutions need to have as many options for distribution as possible. Immerse recognizes this and has put an emphasis on flexibility and scalability. Companies can take a single app and roll it out to thousands of users, targeting access to everyone’s individual distribution needs. Companies using the Immerse Platform also have the power to anonymize distribution, meaning they can send it to users without requiring them to enter credentials, and there are single sign-on (SSO) options available at every step.

Meaningful Reporting and Data Insights 

The new platform empowers enterprises to track users in the way that best suits them, whether they want to capture all their data in one place or group them separately, based on factors like department or location, for example. The new reporting options follow a formal structure based on the xAPI protocol, standardizing the generation of completion statements, scores and pass/fails. This can be enhanced with deeper levels of reporting that track everything the user does in a VR experience.

“We’ve been a part of the meteoric rise of VR and this upgrade positions our platform for the future while providing a new, accessible path for smaller businesses to enjoy the benefits VR can bring to their company and employees,” says Tom Symonds, CEO at Immerse.

The upgraded Immerse Platform enables lower cost, lower barrier to entry, and greater scale – making VR training more inclusive than ever.

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