Artesian Launches Marketing Chat Bot “Arti” for Enhanced Customer Experiences


Arti Symbolizes The Productive Application Of Ai For Improved Marketing Efficiency And Lead Generation With Enhanced Customer Experience

Artesian Solutions, an AI-powered customer engagement specialist, has taken an innovative approach to digital marketing with the launch of its interactive digital assistant ‘Arti’. The website, accessible at, is part of a wider campaign looking at the impact of AI on client facing teams.

Speaking about the launch, Artesian CEO, Andrew Yates said, “The over-arching theme for the campaign is ‘The Artesian of the Possible’. Our business is all about pushing the boundaries of web-based technology to deliver commercially valuable and immediately actionable insights for our customers.Telling the user what they need to know and the action they need to take, at the right time, means client facing teams can capitalise from every business moment. Arti is a great example of how the application of AI can be a significant enabler of productivity, lead generation and importantly enhanced customer experiences.”

Stuart Newton, Artesian’s Director of Marketing, explained how Arti is different from other chat bots for marketing. Stuart said, “Arti is more than just a bit of fun, although we’ve certainly had fun building it. It has the potential to be an incredibly powerful marketing tool for us. Arti will continue to get smarter the more our customers engage with it, learning from previous conversations to become more effective and valuable to our web visitors. I am delighted to place Artesian amongst some of the leading brands in the world, leveraging chat bots to connect with customers. It will change the customer experience by replacing clicks with sustained conversations and personalised interactions.”

Currently, Arti enables intuitive customer interaction in a relatively human-like way, answering questions about Artesian’s capabilities and providing expertise in real time. No longer do customers need to search through content on the company’s website, instead they can now interact directly with Arti and uncover the information they need in an instant.

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