Voicera Acquires Dubai-Based AI Company to Expand Virtual Assistant ‘Eva’

Voicera Reveals New App to Provide Eva with Predictive Highlights

Voicera is disrupting note-taking app technology forever! With its latest acquisition of Dubai-based Wrappup, a pioneer in AI-based voice technology would eliminate human effort for collaboration teams at an enterprise level. The notion of sitting in a boardroom with notepads would be history as Voicera’s Eva begins to summarize details with an AI-backed system.

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Wrappup’s Android and iOS apps leverage AI technology to fuel predictive highlights for note-taking with global-level adoption across industries.

Voicera will reveal the new app which would allow Eva to join conversations smoothly. It will be available on both iOS and Android. The AI-powered predictive highlights shall also provide a “lean-back” experience instead of a “lean-forward” experience. Voicera’s Enterprise Virtual Assistant, Eva, keenly listens for important traces of a conversation, automatically highlights it and then transcribes it with elevated accuracy. After the meeting, Eva highlights the meeting to be projected for review.

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New AI Mobile App Assistant to Disrupt Notetaking With Smooth Features

At the time of this news, the former Wrappup CEO Rami Salman, said, “Wrappup was founded on the idea of squeezing the most important moments out of meeting conversations, while also capturing all the nitty-gritty details for easy reference. Joining forces with Voicera unlocks that potential beyond anything we could have ever imagined.”

Voicera app phones
Voicera app phones

Rami added, “Our combined tech stack and AI algorithms more accurately identify and summarize important moments from all your meetings, regardless of where they are held.”

Voicera CEO Omar Tawakol, said, “Both companies approached the problems with meetings in synergistic ways. Wrappup’s mobile-first, in-person meeting product complements and extends Voicera’s initial focus on conference calls. We kept track of Wrappup from the first hackathon award they won and we are excited to have them join the team.”

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Omar added, “By fusing the two, we make it very easy to get into your first meeting with the app so you don’t have to worry about a conference link or anything, but then we also leverage our attachment to the calendar to make it a lot stickier.”

Eva Attend Meetings as a Proxy Participant for You

Enhanced functions of Predictive Highlights will help Eva leverage the voice of AI wherein identifying moments, providing full text/audio transcription access and generating summary emails will be possible. Eva shall be also equipped to use an error-correction engine. These functions will also help Eva attend meetings as a proxy when the designated person is unavailable. Users can choose controlling functions between voice-activation or tap-to-highlight tabs on the automated Predictive Analysis.

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Voicera is the first voice-based AI solutions app to divulge details between person-to-person interactions instead of person-to-device mediums. The combinational elements of voice recognition, machine learning, and natural voice processes provide users with highly accurate meeting summaries and meeting highlights. Voicera blends actions and outputs without any hardware, and at times also without any, input.

Apart from Predictive Highlights, Voicera users receive real-time meeting transcripts and complete email-meeting reviews so that it is shareable for everybody involved in the conversation. The highlights and notes can be edited and shared through most of the collaborative team systems like Slack and Salesforce, along with IM and email platforms.

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Eva Can Deliver Highly Accurate Rates for Existing Transcription Services

Voicera medium is designed from scratch to handle multiple speakers and to deliver highly accurate rates for existing transcription services. It also provides data-ownership controls which are secure. Voicera’s integrations enable Eva to operate for any conversations with high-quality audio such as BlueJeans, Zoom, Google Hangouts, UberConference and Skype for Business.

Wrappup was founded in 2015 and is based in Dubai. The collaboration between the two companies significantly looks to accelerate its growth. It shall continue to grow on this platform and yield cutting-edge results with the development of this venture.

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