[24]7.ai Removes Time, Cost and Risk Barriers to Chatbot Deployment

Industry-First Fixed Price Offer Empowers Companies to Deploy an Enterprise-Ready AI Virtual Agent in Just 60 Days

[24]7.ai, a global leader in intent-driven customer experience solutions, announced the industry’s first ever fixed price offer that empowers large companies to deploy enterprise-ready chatbots in just 60 days. Now, large companies in any industry can provide better customer service while saving money, whether their customers engage with them via voice or digital channels. The offer eliminates barriers to AI and enterprise chatbot adoption by providing a clear-cut, low-risk way to get started. The offer includes an intelligent, enterprise-class chatbot that supports frequently asked questions and two conversational customer journeys that can be deployed in a company’s own digital channels and integrated with its enterprise systems.

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[24]7.ai leads the industry with more than 150 patents and patent applications, and more than 200 million virtual agent inquiries annually. The company’s flagship product, [24]7 AIVA is a virtual agent (chatbot) that thinks, talks and acts like a company’s best human agent. As a conversational virtual agent, [24]7 AIVA leverages AI and integration into a company’s enterprise systems to interpret vague wording and multi-part questions. AIVA knows how to respond to a sudden change of topic and can ask clarifying questions to determine intent. If needed, the virtual agent smoothly transfers to an already informed human agent, so customers never have to repeat the same information. The result is cost savings, faster resolutions, completed transactions and happier customers.

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The ground-breaking offer includes a blend of both virtual agents (chatbots) and digital chat agents, which are human agents specially trained to optimize chats and supervise the chatbots. Each option includes a workshop with the client that focuses on analyzing data from at least 50,000 chats processed during the 60-day period. At the end of that time, [24]7.ai will provide recommendations for further customer journey automation.

[24]7.ai Releases the Only Virtual Agent with Integrated Conversational and Informational Capabilities
Scott Horn
Scott Horn, Chief Marketing Officer of [24]7.ai, informed, “With this offer, companies don’t need to waste time doing an RFP. Instead, they can learn by doing in an all-in-one package that sets them up for success. We are offering cutting-edge conversational AI technology, backed by 18 years of expertise working with the top airlines, banks, healthcare providers, hotels, retailers and companies in virtually every industry.”

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