Tivian Launches New Brand Identity as Leader in Intelligent Experience Management

Company aims to reinvent the experience management industry using emerging technology to help organizations increase corporate effectiveness

Tivian, the leader in intelligent experience management, today launched a new brand identity to innovate the industry, moving from passive experience management to proactive intelligent experience management. The newly-named software company will continue to harness and incorporate the latest in emerging technology, including AI and predictive analysis, to collect, analyze, and interpret data, delivering actionable solutions to improve employee and customer experiences.

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“Over our decades of experience, we’ve taken the pulse of our customers and the wider market to determine that there is a need to reinvent the experience management category and evolve it into something much more dynamic and powerful,” said Frank Møllerop, CEO of Tivian. “Tivian enables companies to close the loop, providing the power to act through its unique combination of technology, analytics, vision, and people. Our approach unlocks tremendous competitive advantage and opens up a completely new, growing market for us.”

Tivian brings together a strong philosophy of the importance of listening to employees to drive corporate effectiveness, the power to act through advanced analytics capabilities, and a roadmap that will see AI, predictive analytics, big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), and biometric indicators incorporated within its platform to drive better insight and decision-making. The company has headquarters in New York, with offices in HoustonLondonBerlinOslo, and Cologne.

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