Amplience and 64labs Launch the PWA Kit Headless Salesforce Accelerator

Accelerates Storefront Performance and Drives Sales, With Turnkey Integration Speeding Implementation, Reducing Risk and Eliminating Developer Bottlenecks

Amplience, the leading commerce experience platform, and mobile and web solutions provider 64labs announced the availability of the PWA Kit Headless Salesforce Accelerator. Developed by 64labs, an Amplience partner, the PWA Kit Headless Salesforce Accelerator is a headless reference framework, pre-integrated into Amplience, that enables eCommerce teams to take full control over the storefront experience, giving them the freedom to drive improvements in customer engagement and sales.

For many brands, site speed is slow causing revenue loss and low customer engagement. Changes to digital experiences require developer involvement, which creates bottlenecks. In addition, content is created in silos, with different teams managing different elements of the customer experience; e.g., email, social, web, mobile, etc. In turn, this makes it difficult to deliver consistent experiences across channels. By using best-of-breed, modern tools and high-performance delivery APIs, the PWA Kit Headless Salesforce Accelerator framework provides the flexibility and speed of modern front-ends while maintaining the trusted commerce platform merchants and marketers are familiar with.

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“The PWA Kit Headless Salesforce Accelerator provides Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) customers with the ability to unlock the power of headless, accelerate storefront performance and drive more sales,” said James Brooke, founder and CEO of Amplience. “Brands can immediately use this solution as-is or as the base for customization and further extension, making it a low-risk option for SFCC customers who are interested in headless. Moving to a PWA-based storefront powered by headless commerce APIs can accelerate page load speed and boost SEO performance, as well as improve accessibility scores. If a retailer is looking to significantly improve the quality of its storefront experience, the PWA Kit Headless Salesforce Accelerator is the way to do it.”

John Duncan, the CEO of 64labs said, “We want the Accelerator to really show off the possibilities of headless SFCC. Amplience was a natural choice for that. They have the customer base in SFCC, and multiple years of experience working with SFCC merchants, and I think Amplience sees PWA Kit as a way to let brands really get control over the customer experience. The old-fashioned template-based Web-CMS architecture of SFCC stopped a lot of brands from taking full advantage of Amplience’s feature set. Not anymore. The Accelerator really shows customers what they should expect from a modern headless SFCC build.”

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