BeeSeen Solutions & Announce its Strategic Partnership with AutomationEdge a Leader in Delivering Digital Transformation a division of BeeSeen Solutions announces its strategic partnership with AutomationEdge, a leading IT Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation Solution Provider a division of BeeSeen Solutions a Premier Provider in developing highly effective digital marketing and operational strategies located in Long Island, New York announced its strategic partnership with Automation Edge, a leading IT Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation Solution Provider, with their US Headquarters in Houston, Texas. a division of BeeSeen Solutions, with a pure focus on driving automation to our partners to assist them in their digital transformation journey. Powered by Automation Edge, we ensure a Leading IT Process Automation and Robotic Process Automation unmatched within the industry. We believe in empowering organizations through our digital workforce to allow them along with their employees to be more compliant and efficient to create a positive work environment.

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Through the use of intelligent automation technologies, the coexistence of the human and digital workforce becomes reality.

The goal is to create a world where every person can work next to each other in combination with automation tools, thus scaling up the productivity.

“We are thrilled to partner with Automation Edge to help our clients empower their employees, deliver higher levels of efficiency along with compliance while ensuring a positive customer experience at every level. We continue to believe Intelligent Automation can only be a positive regardless of a companies size.” stated, Patrick Pinto CMO Beeseen Solutions,

“We could not be happier to partner with BeeSeen Solutions & to bring Intelligent Automation Solutions to organizations of all sizes. Their focus in empowering employees through the use of RPA and IT Process Automation is something we are excited to assist in delivering.” Ed Markowitz VP Americas Business Development.

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AutomationEdge CEO Uday Birajdar adds, “BeeSeen Solutions & being a Digital Agency with its expertise in Digital Transformation services will complement our strategic focus on delivering Uber-like digital experiences to our customers, and will further enhance our position in the Robotic Process Automation market. Having a US Partner such as BeeSeen Solutions only ensures our clients will be provided with the highest level of integrity and assist partners in their Transformation Journey. “

“To partner with AutomationEdge a leader in delivering RPA Technology and IT Process Automation, is nothing short of amazing. We continue to see partners gain from our digital workforce, while at the same time helping corporate culture and overall employee performance increase at every level. Helping clients navigate through their digital transformation journey remains a laser focus of our entire team.” – Thomas J. Vito, CSO, BeeSeen Solutions,

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