Braze Partners with Snowflake to Provide Customers with Improved Data Agility and Customer Engagement Benchmarks

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Marketers Can Now Join Multiple Data Sources into a Single Source via Snowflake Secure Data Sharing for Real-Time, Scalable, and Secure Data Insights

Braze, the leading global customer engagement platform, and Snowflake, the data warehouse built for the cloud, announced a partnership that will provide marketers with improved data agility and customer engagement benchmarks. For the first time, Braze and Snowflake customers can now join multiple sources of data via Snowflake Secure Data Sharing, giving brands the ability to examine customer engagement data across their ecosystem. In addition, Braze is launching Braze Benchmarks, a new, interactive data tool powered by the Snowflake Data Exchange that gives any marketer access to customer engagement benchmarks.

Consumers expect seamless brand experiences regardless of touchpoint. In order to meet these expectations, brands need to be able to synthesize data from disparate sources and locations for a holistic view of their customer. Through Secure Data Sharing, brands can now leverage Snowflake’s patented data architecture to combine multiple data sources into a single source and share data instantaneously through a framework that eliminates the need for costly and labor-intensive manual data sharing approaches. This industry-first capability will result in real-time, scalable data for brands and more human and personalized experiences for consumers.

“When we started using Snowflake, we realized the benefits of the company’s unique architecture through superior time-to-value, scale, and security,” said Jon Hyman, cofounder and CTO of Braze. “We quickly saw two immediate opportunities to work together: we could provide a turnkey business intelligence solution for our customers, and we could help our customers benchmark their engagement performance against their industry.”

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To build, sustain and optimize an effective customer experience strategy, marketers need to have a comprehensive view of how campaigns perform against the rest of the industry. However, there hasn’t been a single source of truth, until today. Braze Benchmarks examines anonymous, aggregated mobile, web, and email engagement data from more than 600 brands across our EU and U.S. clusters to calculate monthly, quarterly, and yearly engagement rates by industry. These statistics span two years from the current date and include data from over 1,380,000 marketing campaigns to give marketers access to customer experience benchmarks in real-time. Marketers will be able to access these benchmarks in Snowflake Data Exchange or on Braze’s website to have a comprehensive view across:

  • Channel: push notification and email;
  • Platform: Android, iOS, and web; and
  • Thirteen industries: delivery services, eCommerce, education, entertainment, finance, gaming, health, lifestyle, restaurants, retail, technology, transportation, and travel.

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“Data is the lifeblood of Braze’s business, as their customers need to have access to huge datasets in order to build compelling experiences,” said Justin Langseth, vice president of data sharing business development at Snowflake. “It’s been exciting to work with Braze as a customer and now as a partner. We are thrilled that our efforts will result in better experiences for leading global brands.”

Braze will be presenting at the Snowflake Summit on June 4, 3:30 p.m. PT. In the session titled “How to Create New Data Products That Accelerate Time to Insight,” Hyman, Braze VP of Growth Spencer Burke, and Turner Senior Tech Director Vikram Marathe will discuss how access to real-time data can unlock new opportunities for brands.

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