Canopy Management Co-Founder Brian R. Johnson to Address Q4 Marketing Mastery TEXAS Meetup

CANOPY Management, the full-service Amazon agency that helps brands scale their business and gain market share, announced that Cofounder Brian R. Johnson will be a guest speaker at the Q4 Marketing Mastery TEXAS Meetup. Joining a panel of fellow e-commerce experts, Johnson will share his expertise on Q4 Amazon Advertising strategies, including best holiday campaign tactics and how to maximize PPC budgets and conversions.

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Each year, the industry offers Q4-themed events that aim to teach marketers how to manage their PPC and plan for logistics challenges. Rarely, however, do these events describe the specific techniques marketers should use to maximize holiday sales on and off Amazon. The Q4 Marketing Mastery TEXAS Meetup was designed to offer these insights, where marketers will get specifics on how to sell more this holiday season, with experts like Johnson showing the way.

“Now is the time that brands are shifting their focus to the holiday season, but many are still stuck on how to use PPC to their advantage when it comes to selling more on Amazon,” Johnson said. “I’m honored to participate at the Q4 Marketing Mastery to be able to shed light on some best practices for maximizing holiday sales on Amazon.”

Other topics to be discussed at the Q4 Marketing Mastery include:

  • Increasing your sales channels – More channels you can sell on NOW
  • External traffic – Marketing Channels off Amazon, specific to increasing Q4 sales
  • Influencers – How to work with influencers during the busy Q4 season
  • Seasonal listing optimization – Getting the right keywords to attract your holiday customer in your listing
  • Inventory Management through Q4 Sales Blitz – How to stay in stock and manage inventory
  • Media presence – How to get featured in the best media for holiday shopping

The exclusive in-person event takes place at the Line Hotel in Austin, TX on Friday, October 15, and is limited to 100 attendees.

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