Expert PPC Ads Agency Changing Customer Acquisition Game with Amazon DSP Service

Summary: An Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) service by Clear Ads is causing a stir in the Amazon brand customer acquisition process. The expert advertising management service says Amazon DSP is the future of paid advertising

Clear Ads, a global leader in paid-advertising management services, is garnering attention of Amazon brands worldwide for its Amazon DSP (Demand Side Platform) Self-Service. The PPC ads agency and Amazon solution provider says that increasingly, Amazon sellers are taking advantage of the platform in customer acquisition strategies.

According to Amazon, its DSP allows brands to access a range of programmatic advertising options, including both display and video ads. Accessible both on and off the Amazon platform, sellers are given more flexibility in advertising efforts, boosting performance of campaigns and creating positive outcomes for marketing goals. In particular, the Amazon DSP has been a game-changer for many businesses in the customer acquisition process.

“The Amazon DSP is being used very successfully by brands that want to focus on new customer acquisition. They have complete control at every stage of their ads campaigns, and the off-platform abilities are incredible–brands can drive more customers to their store via trusted websites. You also have the power of segmenting audiences and targeting only specific people while blocking others from seeing your ads, which is a huge advantage for Amazon sellers,” says George Meressa, Founder of Clear Ads.

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Clear Ads’s Amazon DSP Self Service has proven increasingly popular in recent months, particularly as brands become more familiar with the platform and decide to harness its powerful features, Meressa says. One aspect that needs to be considered, however, is the high barrier to entry to use the platform.

“There is a high barrier of entry to use Amazon DSP, requiring sellers to have either $35,000 USD or £10,000 to get started. Our Self Service agency gives Amazon businesses exclusive access at the fraction of this price, and in return, our clients receive the transparency and expertise they deserve while using the platform,” Meressa continues.

The Amazon DSP Self Service by Clear Ads ensures that brands take full advantage of the platform, and this includes focusing on using the New-to-Brand metrics provided. While Amazon offers a variety of reporting tools, New-to-Brand metrics–a recent addition to the platform–is designed to help brands discover whether advertised purchases are attributed to new or established customers.

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“Oftentimes, we see brands under-utilizing the tools the DSP offers them, and there are so many ways you can use them much more effectively to get better and positive results,” notes Meressa. “It’s critical to monitor all the metrics that the system produces for you. Our Self Service helps brands scale their products, make more sales, and fully manages the DSP for brands, so they don’t have to worry about missing out on an opportunity that arises in the platform.”

Clear Ads’s Self Service aids brands in better understanding, interpreting, monitoring and using the data and metrics provided to expand and improve marketing strategies. The company says its fully managed DSP service gives sellers the freedom to focus on other aspects of their businesses, while feeling confident that experts are managing their advertising campaigns via Amazon DSP.

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