Unique Free Marketing Audit Offered Online by Digital Agency Caroff Communications

Moving beyond the standard “numbers and stats” automatically-generated marketing reports generally found online, Caroff Communications has breathed life into this process. Consisting of a mere 7 simple “Yes/No” questions, their form can be completed in just a couple of minutes, yet provides a critical top-down view of the effectiveness of a company’s marketing strategy.

The result of years of working with their clients on both organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Pay-Per-Click) marketing, Caroff Communications’ Free Marketing Audit provides a straightforward review that is easily understood by any company owner or marketing director.

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“The preponderance of enormous amounts of data in today’s digital realm is staggering,” explains company president Michael Caroff. “But what we have learned is that our clients don’t want more information, they want relevant information. This means they are more interested in our analysis of the data than they are in the raw data itself.”

Underlining this trend in general is the meteoric growth of an entirely new profession: Data Scientist. Tasked with processing huge amounts of data and extracting from it certain salient points, Data Scientists are hired to explain what all that data means, and what practical use can be made of it.

“The term ‘data science’ was only introduced to me recently. But I soon realized that in a sense, this is what we have been doing for our clients for years!” laughs Caroff. “As the amount of information grows both in volume and complexity, it becomes more and more difficult for the average person to make sense of it. That was the impetus for us to create our Free Marketing Audit.”

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Each of the 7 questions addresses an important aspect of any online marketing strategy. As the viewer answers each question, the score is automatically tallied at the bottom of the form. In addition, every question has a “details” link that explains the question in accessible language.

Once the form has been filled out, the viewer gets an instant analysis of their score, including a breakdown of their answers to each question. By taking this simple self-administered test, anyone interested in the strength of their digital marketing can get immediate answers.

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