Exclusive Hart Tools Offer $5.00 BARCODE BUCKS To Diy Shoppers

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BARCODE BUCKS digital offer is available to encourage both new & seasoned DIY enthusiasts to buy the tools, extend warranty sign-ups and future retargeting.

DIY shoppers at the world’s largest retailer can now scan a QR code at in-store point of sale displays and receive a BARCODE BUCKS digital offer valued at $5.00 directly onto their mobile device. The digital offers can be redeemed specifically towards the purchase of any 20V Hart Tool. The offer is valid from 3/1/21 through 5/1/21, or as long as supplies last. BARCODE BUCKS, a recently introduced marketing program from TPG Rewards, enables consumers to scan the digital offer at checkout and the $5.00 value is immediately deducted on the store receipt.

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The retailer-exclusive HART Tools comprises of approximately 340 different tools with the goal of making DIY projects simpler and less intimidating for its customers. BARCODE BUCKS digital offers are now available to encourage both new and seasoned DIY enthusiasts to sample the easy-to-use tools, extend warranty sign-ups and allow the brand to retarget their consumers for future marketing communication.

Benefits of BARCODE BUCKS for HART Tools:
– Provides incentive to purchase one or more tools in the new line
– Rewards current DIY shoppers and engages potential new triers
Digital offers delivered directly to consumers’ phones
– Redeemable only for the specific product SKU(s) designated by the sponsor
– Additional offers can be programmed onto BARCODE BUCKS at any time
– Prevents fraud – offers are programmed for single use and can’t be duplicated
– Purchases are trackable and can allow for capture of consumer information
– Can be communicated by text, QR, NFC, email, in-shelf, etc.

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