First ‘Modern Marketing to Today’s Woman Session’ at AdTech Tokyo 2018

First 'Modern Marketing to Today's Woman Session' at AdTech Tokyo 2018

KPI Solutions, an ad technology company that provides digital media solutions, announced Jennifer Willey, Global Gender Equality Expert, CEO and Founder of Wet Cement, will lead the company’s session at AdTech Tokyo.

AdTech Tokyo is a premier global marketing conference. Taking place on 4-5 October 2018, Jennifer Willey will discuss how companies can fuel innovation and growth by becoming a modern marketer for today’s woman. In addition to the session, Willey will deliver a keynote address on AdTech Tokyo’s mainstage. Here, she will highlight the importance of achieving gender equality in business to positively impact the bottom line.

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Entitled Modern Marketing for Today’s Woman,  Willey will explore global trends related to women today and provide attendees with solutions to consider to better engage and empower female consumers. While women hold more buying power than ever before, recent studies show 9 out of 10 believe marketers do not understand them. Willey will share lessons learned and recommendations to encourage business leaders to use data to market smarter to today’s modern woman.

Jennifer Willey
Jennifer Willey

Jennifer Willey, CEO and Founder Wet Cement, said, “As leading providers of innovative technology Japanese business leaders and marketers can drive a shift towards more inclusive, diverse and modern marketing to women. Increasingly, advertisers across the globe are recognizing the value of customizing content to better appeal to women and earn a share of the over $18 Trillion Female Economy.”

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Jennifer added, “That’s why we will focus on how companies can leverage insights into the hearts and minds of today’s woman to incorporate modern imagery and messaging into their marketing programs. The results of authentic support of female empowerment by brands will be increased trust, loyalty and brand love by their target audiences.

Yuko Shiga, Marketing Director of Sanrio Entertainment
Yuko Shiga

During the session, Willey will be joined by Yuko Shiga, Marketing Director of Sanrio Entertainment®, the world’s leading producer of kawaii-focused products, including the popular Hello Kitty™ character. As an organization dedicated to encouraging social communication and delivering smiles through unique and charming gifts, Yuko will share how Sanrio continues to evolve with societal shifts to foster brand love from girls to grandmothers, and how it is succeeding in changing the discussion around women who work.

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“As a global ad technology company providing clients with solutions to intelligently connect with their audiences, KPI Solutions is pleased to partner with Jennifer Willey to share the latest tips on how to best market to today’s woman,” said Tetsuro Ishida, Founder and CEO, KPI.

Tetsuro added, “Gender equity is increasingly a focus among top businesses and advertisers, and we recognize women are the fastest growing segment of consumers, capturing a greater share of purchasing power. As a partner of choice among top marketers, KPI Solutions wants to ensure advertisers have the latest tools to make informed decisions when creating campaigns for the female audience.”

KPI Solutions’ is highly focused on the development of turnkey technology, a mission that is visible through its marketing platform which fosters collaboration through smarter marketing by leveraging quantitative data.

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