Joins Top Conferencing Brands With Virtual Backgrounds

The second-largest conferencing platform by call volume released its Virtual Background update, a feature that allows users to take their conferences wherever they imagine., one of the most recognized conferencing and collaboration brands in the world, announces the release of Virtual Backgrounds.

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Users can now take their conferencing anywhere they imagine using preloaded digital backgrounds or backgrounds they upload. This feature is available to users that subscribe to’s Pay What You Can.

“We created Virtual Backgrounds for both businesses and private users.” said David Erickson, CEO of “It’s perfect for when you’re working remotely, working in places with busy backgrounds, or when you just want to have fun.”

Virtual Backgrounds are an exciting, fun way to communicate online. This feature lets users replace their in-person background with a digital background. Virtual backgrounds can also work in professional settings to hide backgrounds or add branding to meetings with customers or partners.

The technology powering’s Virtual Backgrounds identifies the speaker(s) during a video conference and renders a background that appears behind the user(s).

How To Enable Virtual Backgrounds

After updating or downloading the latest version of the desktop app, users can enable virtual backgrounds during any video conference.

To enable Virtual Backgrounds, follow these instructions:

  1. Join your conference normally and enable your video feed
  2. With your video feed active, click the arrow beside the “Video” button
  3. Select “Choose Your Virtual Background”
  4. Choose a Virtual Background or upload one
  5. Once selected, click on the “X” in the upper right corner to save changes
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