Mobify Announces the Launch of the Headless Commerce Accelerated Program

In just eight weeks, launch Mobify’s storefront for headless commerce on top of an existing Commerce Cloud instance using the new Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs

Mobify, a modern web storefront for headless commerce, announces the launch of its new Headless Commerce Accelerated program, which enables customers leveraging Salesforce Commerce Cloud to go headless in just eight weeks using the new Salesforce B2C Commerce APIs and Mobify’s storefront for headless commerce. This headless approach gives Commerce Cloud customers the flexibility to create customized experiences that differentiate their brand.

Mobify’s storefront for headless commerce enables:

  • Flexibility: Users can make feature changes and customizations faster and more easily, and deliver customized experiences to any device or application (kiosks, watches, voice, etc.)
  • Stability: Mobify offloads the stress of maintaining a stable, reliable storefront in a headless environment by handling all storefront operations including hosting, scalability, security, and automated monitoring.
  • Modern digital experience: Customers get fast performance and app-like engagement features with a responsive Progressive Web App (PWA) across mobile, tablet, and desktop.

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With the Headless Commerce Accelerated program, enterprise retailers and brands are able to enjoy faster time to market, as the headless commerce approach only takes eight weeks to implement. And because it leverages an existing Commerce Cloud build to launch a modern PWA storefront, customers can quickly see a significant return on their existing investments.

Retailers and brands are going headless to unlock the flexibility to keep up with growing customer demands, changing market trends, and the ever-evolving technology landscape.

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The Mobify storefront is a solution to build, run, and evolve your web storefront in a headless environment. It is built on top of Commerce Cloud and calls on the B2C Commerce APIs to bring forward commerce resources on the front-end.

“As a member of Salesforce’s beta program for their new Commerce APIs, Mobify had the opportunity to test out the APIs early on and get experience working with them – and we were very impressed with what their product team had developed. We’re excited to provide a fast path to market for those that want to take advantage of the headless offering with Commerce Cloud, and we look forward to more collaborations with Salesforce going forward,” said Igor Faletski, CEO of Mobify.

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