Pipedrive Unveils Its Biggest Redesign; Launches New Products for 10th Anniversary

Intuitive navigation allows Pipedrive to easily scale and better serve enterprise customers

Pipedrive, the leading CRM software, today announced a redesigned user experience (UX), a major update released in conjunction with the company’s 10th anniversary this year. The new intuitive UX provides customers with faster access to all of Pipedrive’s features and scales with their needs over time. Pipedrive also announced the launch of Insights, a new platform for tracking sales data and trends, and Sales Docs, a tool in beta that can help close deals faster.

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The main features of Pipedrive’s new UX design include:

  • A dashboard that reflects user workflow
    • The main menu has shifted to a sidebar in order to free up room for a new search bar, quick add button, Sales Assistant, and account settings.
    • The menu, like a sales funnel, features a Leads Inbox and Deal Pipeline at the top, followed by frequently used features like email, contacts, calendar, and Insights.
  • Faster search and quick add button
    • Search functionality is now front and center, which is crucial for quickly finding active deals where users need to update or follow up.
    • The quick add button allows users to create a new deal, activity, or contact without leaving the current screen.

“Over its ten years, Pipedrive has evolved from a sales CRM into a revenue platform. Sales is a team sport involving different departments in a business and we connect the team together. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with powerful, yet easy to use tools that help them do their job faster and more effectively,” said Krishna Panicker, VP of Product, Pipedrive.

The new UX design, which was informed by user research and testing, is scalable, allowing customers to easily add new tools and features. “Pipedrive users now have an immediate view of the variety of features that are available to them and are able to quickly implement the products that will make the biggest impact on ROI,” Krishna Panicker continued.

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In addition to the new UX, Pipedrive also announced two additional features, including: 

  • Insights: Customizable sales reports and interactive dashboards for tracking various sales metrics, including sales performance, conversion, duration, progress, and sales activities. Also allows users to filter results and choose preferred data visualization. Features include:
    • Deal performance reports that help to improve sales process and efficiency.
      • Shows metrics like how many opportunities are won or lost and why, deal progression, and sales cycle duration.
    • Activity reports that get a full overview of actions planned and taken to drive sales.
      • Shows performance on custom sales activities like emails, demos, calls or events to track what is completed or planned ahead.
    • Transform report metrics into a fully customizable visual dashboard to interpret findings at a glance.
      • Share live dashboard links with anyone in two clicks to keep the team on track and external stakeholders informed.
  • Sales Docs: A toolset that streamlines and automates how sales teams create, send, and manage sales-related documents, which is particularly useful for remote sales. Currently in beta, features include:
    • Trackable quotes, proposals, and contracts available directly within the CRM.
    • Notifications as soon as a proposal has been opened, helping salespeople to take action when the deal is hot.
    • Auto-fill sales templates and documents with Pipedrive data, helping eliminate administrative work to close deals faster.
    • Google Drive integration for storing quotes and contracts where they’re easy to find any time.

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