PathFactory And Drift Integrate To Create Better On-Demand B2B Marketing Experiences For Buyers

The New Integration Makes It Easy for Marketers to Give Buyers the Personalized, Real-Time Experiences They Now Expect from B2B Brands

PathFactory and Drift announced an integration that brings exciting new capabilities to B2B buyer enablement, and helps marketers and salespeople better understand the role content and chatbots play in the buying process. The seamless integration between PathFactory’s Content Insight and Activation Platform and Drift’s conversational marketing and sales platform adds chatbots and conversational landing pages to Content Tracks, helping buyers engage with B2B companies on their own terms.

While on-demand, real-time content and purchasing experiences are the norm for consumers, B2B firms continue to struggle to meet the needs of their buyers who bring those expectations to work with them every day. As buyers search for the next software or services vendor for their business, they are often faced with slow response times and dead-end content experiences that make it difficult and frustrating for them to buy what they need when they need it. This new integration makes it easier for B2B marketers to provide the frictionless, personalized buying experience their customers expect, and generate valuable insight about the conversations those buyers have and the content they engage with throughout the buying process.

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“It’s only natural that as buyers educate themselves and binge on content, they have questions about the products and services that B2B companies are trying to sell them. PathFactory’s integration with Drift is so powerful because it gives those buyers the experience they want and need, while generating a higher volume of high-quality leads that have been warmed up by relevant content and real-time conversations,” said Mark Opauszky, CEO of PathFactory.

“Even just five years ago it was normal for businesses to try and control the buying process on their terms. Today, things are different. Now, in a world of nearly infinite competition, buyers are in control. We’re excited to partner with PathFactory to deliver the right content and facilitate the right conversations at the right time. That’s how innovative businesses serve other businesses today – personalized and on the buyer’s terms,” said Jared Fuller, Drift’s Senior Director of Partnerships.

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PathFactory and Drift customers can place Drift chatbots in their Content Tracks, and set them to trigger based on the amount of time buyers spend consuming content, how many assets they have consumed in a single session, or when they click on a call-to-action. B2B marketers can also place conversational landing pages in Content Tracks to recommend a relevant mix of content and conversational marketing that drives more conversions.

With Engagement Insights in PathFactory, marketers can understand the role content and conversational marketing play in the buying process. In a single view, you’ll know when chat bots are used most, surface content gaps in your buyer’s journey based on the questions they’re asking, and get the information you need to choose the best moment for chat to be initiated.

“HR buyers from small businesses increasingly expect a consumer-like, on-demand experience that is personalized and engaging while providing a connection to the right resource at any time. We’re excited about the integration between PathFactory and Drift because it makes every interaction buyers have with our brand faster, easier, and more relevant,” said Doug Sechrist, Vice President, Demand Marketing at Zenefits, who is a customer of both platforms.

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