The Pedowitz Group and Allocadia Partner to Guide Marketing Operations Leaders to Revenue Accountability

pedowitzgroup + allocadia
Revenue Marketing™ consulting firm, The Pedowitz Group (TPG), partnered with Allocadia, experts in Marketing Performance Management, who together, share a common vision to help marketing operations (MO) leaders optimize marketing spend for maximum revenue impact.

This announcement came during the MarTech Conference in Boston, October 2-4th, where Allocadia is exhibiting at Booth 42. TPG will be exhibiting in the Marketo Vendor Lounge at the Marketo Mini-Summit, at the MarTech Conference.

TPG and Allocadia are committed to giving Marketing Operations leaders the strategies, tools and training to drive ROI and earn trust at the highest levels within their respective organizations. Joint marketing initiatives will educate the industry on what it takes for marketing operations to perform optimally and thrive in today’s customer-centric, buyer-driven marketplace.

“The emerging MO leader is operationalizing marketing’s role as a digitally responsive growth driver and it requires a fresh and dynamic new approach to planning and budgeting. We call it SPB&M or MO-led Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Management,” Debbie Qaqish, Chief Strategy Officer, TPG, said.

This summer, TPG and Allocadia presented a joint webinar titled: Marketing Planning Master Class: The Marketing Operations Approach to Planning.

Debbie Qaqish and Sam Melnick, VP of Marketing of Allocadia had explained how to run marketing like a business using a proven 5-step model for operationalizing the SPB&M process.

Recently, Qaqish and Justin Yopp of TPG, along with Melnick, authored a white paper: Marketing Operations Leader Guide to Strategic Planning, Budgeting and Management.

In addition to partnering with Allocadia on events and collateral, TPG has added Allocadia to its MarTech reference platform architecture. The two share several joint customers including Citrix and are pursuing multiple opportunities across North America.

Richard Sharp, Allocadia’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “We are seeing a groundswell of organizations embracing the potential of Marketing Performance Management. As more teams seek to realize the benefits of MPM to transform Marketing’s impact on the business, The Pedowitz Group offers valuable guidance to support their ambitions. We’re confident that our partnership is a powerful combination of world-class technology and expertise.”

Currently, Allocadia is the leader in Marketing Performance Management and creators of the #RunMarketing movement. The company’s award-winning technology empowers marketers with confidence in their plans, investments, and ROI.

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