Skava Joins The Adobe Exchange Partner Program

Skava’s Leadership in eCommerce Paired With Adobe Experience Manager’s Leadership in Experience Management, Allows Brands to Explore New Ways to Capture Shoppable Moments

Skava, a leading provider of cloud microservices for ecommerce, has announced that it is joining the Adobe Exchange partner program at the Community level.

Arish Ali

“Skava is very excited to be part of Adobe Experience Cloud’s growing ecosystem. We look forward to offering unique digital shopping experiences with Adobe and integrating our modern ecommerce microservices to power these experiences,” said Arish Ali, CEO of Skava.

Skava Commerce, a microservices-based, ecommerce platform, is built to meet and exceed customer expectations in today’s hyper-competitive, mobile-first world and empower brands to go to market faster and innovate continuously.

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By bringing together Skava’s leadership in microservices for ecommerce with Adobe Experience Manager’s leadership in experience management, brands can explore new ways to capture shoppable moments and discover synergies.

Dave Barrowman

“Building integrations between Skava Commerce and Adobe Experience Manager allows brands to use both innovative technologies to delight consumers at every touchpoint,” said Dave Barrowman, vice president and head of innovation of Skava.

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Errol Denger

“Successful brands must innovate faster and always stay up to date with the latest technologies and consumer trends to ultimately provide value to their shoppers. We are very excited to have Skava joining the Adobe Exchange partner program at the community level,” said Errol Denger, director of commerce strategy at Adobe.

Yuval Yatskan

“We look forward to becoming part of the Adobe Exchange partner community and ecosystem and working together to open new horizons for ecommerce with microservices,” said Yuval Yatskan, vice president of marketing for Skava.

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