Azuqua Unveils New Connectors for Adobe Experience Cloud at Adobe Summit 2018

Azuqua Unveils First of Many App Connectors That Enable Teams to Automate and Streamline Exceptional Digital Experiences Between Adobe Solutions and SaaS Applications

Azuqua, a leader in cloud-based business automation, has announced the availability of new Azuqua connectors for Adobe Experience Cloud. The latest announcement from Adobe Summit would empower business users to create powerful integrations and workflow automation between Adobe and their other business-critical SaaS tools.

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Marketing teams can construct the powerful, integrated experiences that customers demand in the digital age and drive better business outcomes quickly, without having to write additional code.

New Integrations with Adobe Enable Customers to Do Even More with Their Business-Critical Applications

Dan Kogan
Dan Kogan, CMO, Azuqua

At the time of this launch, Dan Kogan, Chief Marketing Officer, Azuqua, said, “Our powerful integrations with Adobe enable customers to do even more with their business-critical applications.”

Dan added, “Users can automate simple tasks and eliminate tedious manual data entry to focus on doing their best work. This approach is proven to enhance business operations, employee productivity, and the overall customer experience. And the best part is we enable people to do this without having to write custom code or needing specialized skills.”

Azuqua has a library of hundreds of pre-built connectors including Bynder, Marketo, HubSpot, Salesforce, Slack, Wrike, Workday and so on. The Seattle-based company has helped innovative businesses like Airbnb, HubSpot, Procter & Gamble, and Workfront to automate their business processes.

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More Launches Planned from Azuqua at Adobe Summit 

Azuqua will be launching several key connectors for Adobe Experience Cloud, powered by Adobe I/O Events, to trigger critical actions between applications. Azuqua will also be highlighting integrations with the following solutions at Adobe Summit on  27-29 March —

Adobe Experience Manager

Share updates and changes in content management assets bi-directionally between Adobe Experience Manager Assets, and Sites and project management systems (PMO), such as Workfront and Wrike. Enable conditional actions, such as the triggering of a new asset in Experience Manager Assets to create a task for the digital production team to review and address in Workfront or Wrike. Another scenario includes publishing an asset into Experience Manager and auto-completing the task in Workfront or Wrike.

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Adobe Analytics Cloud

Ingest data from various marketing sources into Adobe Analytics Cloud to drive up lead conversions. Additionally, to improve the customer experience, Azuqua will enable seamless integration with CRM systems to allow CSM teams to complete analysis and follow up.

Adobe I/O Events and Adobe Analytics Triggers

Monitor key consumer behaviors and then take action in near-real time. Build integrations and automated workflow across multiple systems and teams spanning CRM, marketing automation, and customer experience systems in order to address customer issues before they end their buying experience.

John Pritchard, Sr. Director of Engineering, Adobe I/, said, “Adobe is focused on giving its customers, which range from emerging artists to global brands, everything they need to design and deliver exceptional digital experiences.”

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John added,”Enabling those experiences requires Adobe solutions to seamlessly integrate with other SaaS applications in a customer’s ecosystem. Azuqua’s dynamic approach to making Adobe integrate seamlessly with other key apps, and turning these integrations into an automated connected experience, helps our customers be more successful.”

Currently, Azuqua helps people integrate and automate their key applications without code or specialized skills. What used to take months of development and large IT budgets can now be accomplished in days and for a fraction of the cost. With Azuqua’s intuitive, powerful and reliable platform, anyone can connect their apps and automate their work.

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