Ads on Top Unveils “Dynamix” Playlist Automation via API

New Integration Tools to Launch at Digital Signage Expo 2018

Dynamic, automated and responsive digital-out-of-home (DOOH) ad management can now be incorporated into any content management system, thanks to Ads on Top, the Los Angeles-based firm behind the new ad management technology.

David Pal,CEO of Ads on Top announced that this new “programmatic content management as a service” API, called Dynamix by Ads on Top, will debut at the 2018 Digital Signage Expo.

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“Before Dynamix, DOOH networks could only leverage our technologies through a user interface; now, a DOOH network can benefit from a dynamic integration while keeping their current operating system. Your ads will be played at the right time and the right place, without needing to rebuild your systems from scratch,” said Pal.

Ads on Top utilizes evolving data sources to analyze audience and context around screens to determine ideal content to deliver. This targeting takes network availability, budgets, CPMs and other ad metrics into account to determine the ideal ad to display. A high pollen count, for example, could prioritize the runtime for an allergy medication, or a dog food ad could be positioned on screens near parks when larger crowds are detected.

This technology, according to Pal, boosts the efficacy of digital advertising and increases the likelihood of conversions, making the digital ad space a more valuable prospect for ad buyers.

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“Our platform sets playlists automatically according to any data set, ad sources, or programmatic DOOH supply-side platforms (SSPs) such as Campsite. We’re going to make content managers’ lives significantly easier by running advertisements in a way that increases exposure, so they no longer have to worry about the right content or the right campaign,” added Pal.

With an already-established integration with a programmatic SSP connected to an exchange and DSP (demand-side platform) like Campsite, Ads On Top automatically exposes DOOH networks’ remnant ad inventory for sale to an active buyer base, providing networks with a turnkey ad sales solution.

Ads on Top refers to Dynamix as “Programmatic Content Management as a Service” – a play on “Software as a Service” – noting that the scalable API is compatible with any OOH management software and can be installed with minimal setup.

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“Focusing on Programmatic Content Management as a Service means that we’re going to plug right into your existing, distinct management system so it can use dynamic rotations instead of a script,” continued Pal

In addition to real-time ad playlist management, Ads on Top also offers tools to manage OOH sales processes with proposal generation, contract and invoicing tools, inventory management and content tracking.

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