Fincons Group to Showcase Cutting Edge Launches at NAB 2018

Supercharging OmniChannel TV Through Interactivity, Programmatic Advertising, AI and Blockchain

Fincons Group, a leading global IT business consulting firm, will be exhibiting at NAB 2018 to showcase its successful deployment of innovative projects within the OTT space.
With over 35 years providing broadcasters with outstanding solutions to leverage content to increase revenue and improve service to end-users, Fincons Group is delighted to showcase its successfully deployed innovation to the US market. With offices in Italy, Switzerland, UK and US, the company has implemented two generations of OTT TV for market leaders across Europe. Fincons Group has been at the forefront of research and development of the HbbTV standard and OTT TV end-to-end platform implementation in Europe and is therefore ideally placed to help US broadcasters harness new interactive TV services in the US.

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Drawing on the experience in the EU with HbbTV developments, Fincons Group has led the development of MPAT, a multi-platform application toolkit that provides seamless HbbTV application development, enabling businesses to develop interactive on-demand services and advertising within a live TV omnichannel viewing experience. After the successful launch of HbbTV platforms based on MPAT results, the company is now poised to leverage blockchain technology to enable advertising validation within a programmatic advertising landscape.

A great number of different disruptive applications are under development by Fincons, combining the potential of both convergence and AI and driven by a market which is clamoring for new ways to engage end users. Content4All deserves a mention, as this is a Research and Innovation initiative which received a significant grant from the European Union, that leverages HbbTV and AI technology with the aim of making TV more inclusive towards the hearing impaired. With this solution, recently acknowledged by Gartner in their ‘Market Insight: Three Key Areas in Which AI Will Disrupt the Video Entertainment Ecosystem’ report, a cost-effective translation of TV programmes can be enabled to include a photorealistic and 3D sign language avatar.

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Another innovative project that achieved a nod from Gartner is the co-creation with Sky of a digital commerce software platform called Commerce4Media that: ‘realizes the needs for a pricing model personalization of Sky’s Online video service.

” We’re delighted to exhibit at NAB and to bring some really exciting, real-life examples of what we have been doing in the media industry. This is an international stage on which to display the innovation that we’ve been delivering clients and that has earned us global acclaim from key analysts,” said Michele Moretti, CEO, Fincons Group.

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“As we continue to expand our footprint in the USA, winning new clients and forging new partnerships, we look forward to NAB, where we have found an engaged and forward-thinking audience each year. It’s an exciting opportunity to display our background, but also to share ideas and mingle with industry professionals so we ensure that we stay ahead of the curve,” confirms Francesco Moretti, Deputy CEO, Fincons Group.

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