Content Update: Top MarTech Blogs for Every Marketer’s Platter

Served straight up, here are five MarTech blogs that our marketing analysts felt should make it your To-Do list this weekend.


Seen And Heard At SXSW Interactive

by Steven Cook

This MarTech blog from made it to our list by virtue of its uber cool insights and straight-to-point takeaways from the recently-concluded 32nd annual South by Southwest (SXSW) Conference. The article features insights by Adam Leidhecker, the Brand Strategist at Startup accelerator firm, Coplex; Anne Marie Stephen, CEO, Kwolia  and Founder, Retail Innovation Lounge, and Paul Kontonis, CMO, WHOSAY, apart from a bunch of other attendees who made it to the event.

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Why AI is Redefining the Retail Experience

by Eric Thorsen, NVIDIA

Yes, you are right when you say that retail can’t be spelled without “AI”. In this webinar-linked article that featured at, Eric Thorsen addresses the equivocal agenda of empowering retail marketing firms with Artificial Intelligence. Be it Toronto-based virtual make up app ModiFace (we just learned that it is now an L’Oreal company!), or Daisy Intelligence, the way mobile applications are driving home with crazy audience retention stats so far in the year is very inspiring for both e-commerce and B2B marketers.

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We also learned that Jennifer Tidy of ModiFace and Gary Saarenvirta of Daisy Intelligence — two experts whose companies are helping retail businesses leverage deep learning in a fast-paced, tech-driven industry, would charm their thoughts on “How Enterprises Can Leverage Deep Learning in Retail”.

Data Attribution: A Key to Successful ABM Execution

By Yaagneshwaran Ganesh

In this MarTech blog, marketers can learn how “data attribution helps you clearly see the actual impact created by each activity in the customer lifecycle.” With ample practical insights from the Director of Marketing at Fiind, the article explains how marketers can create a 360-degree view of the targeted accounts – including data on their tech stack, whether they exhibit signals of buying interest if your product is a good fit for them, etc.

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Yaags wrote, “A lot of information is usually in hidden in what is usually referred to as “dark data” or in simple terms unstructured data. For example, there is so much valuable data across sources such as text messages, social media, forums, job sites, email, video and more, in which real insights for customer experiences are hidden.”

Google Assistant: Are We Becoming Reliant On AI?

By Yazmin How

Yariv Adan, Product Leader at Google Assistant states in this guest author post at AIThority about how AI is powering the next paradigm shift in Human-Machine Interaction – the Natural User Interface at the RE-WORK’s AI Assistant Summit, London.

Five Quick Content Opportunities for Time-Poor B2B Marketers

By Matthew Davis

In this article for marketers, Matthew explores the areas that B2B marketers often find difficult in the content creation. From making a distinction between B2C and B2B content marketing (the shiny part!) to harnessing the UGC suppliers, the social selling aspect of content remains undeniably a staple object of desire for marketers.

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