Salesforce Einstein Analytics Unveils Conversational Queries to Simplify Data

Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics’ Conversational Queries, Users Can Ask Questions to Derive Actionable Insights and Determine How Their Sales Efforts Churn Results

According to a recent blog from Salesforce, the company has expanded the capabilities of their AI-powered Einstein Analytics platform with a complete set of analytics and data-based insights. Salesforce Einstein Analytics now features a totally new capability, branded as Conversational Queries. With Conversational Queries, users can derive more accurate information related to their data by simply typing keywords, such as “top accounts,” “rank accounts”, or “marketing dashboards”.

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Currently available in beta, Conversational Queries provides an innovative way to explore data and get answers to questions faster, eliminating clicks and the training required to create and drill down into charts.

The new capability is focussed at any business user who is exploring answers from their data. All one needs to do is, ‘type a question.’

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Using Salesforce Einstein Analytics’ Conversational Queries, users can ask questions to derive actionable insights and determine how their sales efforts churn results.

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Key Features of Conversational Queries

Smart Search using Keywords

Type a related word in the search bar of the dashboard, and Einstein Analytics would display all the available data in charts.

Visual History

Rewind and refocus on all the data sets that you previously looked into. Einstein Analytics helps the user to identify the exact chronology of the questions that were asked to arrive at an insight, rather than tinkering over the data points for long.

In short, Einstein actually leads you through your data pool, navigating through your visual history.

Branded as a Conversational UI based on Artificial Intelligence, Salesforce Einstein Analytics platform’s Conversational Queries simplifies the way customers leverage data to make smarter business decisions.

We are already surfing over a barrage of voice search technologies that makes conversational UIs look ready for adoption in a CMO’s stack. While Siri, Alexa, Facebook Messenger and Slack bots make it easy for marketers to access information in a smart way, Conversational Queries from Salesforce inspires a more realistic, less cluttered interaction with Salesforce Data. With the arrival of Einstein’s Conversational Queries, the Customer Experience models used in Data Management and Analytics platforms now have something new to look up to.

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